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      Cathy MacQueen

      Love, love, love The Durrells!!! So hope there will be a Season 3 and beyond…

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      We just love the family and the location.Without out them Sunday night will not be the same.Please create a third season. Thank you

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      Please renew this clever and witty show. The Corfu setting and the interaction of the Durells with the locals and other expats makes this show worthwhile and pleasant.

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      This show has it all..colorful characters, location, and story lines. The acting is superb, and I look forward to watching each Sunday. There’s much more to learn about this family and it’s eccentricities so please bring it back, we need a Season 3. Thank you for such blissful entertainment!

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      Hoping for a season 3 of the Durrells! We can’t get enough of the program, and going to research more on the family, as well as Gerald Durrells books. Thank you for such wonderful entertainment!

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      Frank Nigro

      I look forward to settling down Sunday for an evening with the Durrells and would miss them terribly were the program cancelled. The family, the stunning landscape and quaint village are truley captivating. More please!

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      Nancy Ambrose Armstrong

      PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this show back for Season 3. Absolutely love it. Look forward to it every week. Magical setting, wonderful cast, lovely story. Human, touching, relatable plus the scenery is incomparable. In this crazy world with so much uncertainty, it is truly heartwarming to see this loving family, made up of totally disparate characters, try to deal with life’s uncertainties. Keeley Hawes, the soul of the show, is totally relatable. PLEASE GET MOVING AND FILM SEASON 3!!!

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      Robin Lyttle

      Please renew the Durrell’s in Corfu for season 3. Great cast, location, graphics, production design and more. Well written, directed and performed. PLEASE!

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      Lillian Miles

      We love the Durrells and absolutely would love a Season 3. Please bring them back! Such a refreshing look at life.

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      Eileen West

      PLEASE bring Season 3 to Sunday. I looked forward to this show every Sunday and everything goes on hold to watch. Had never heard of the Durrells so this show led me to research and learned so much. Once again another show that’s fun, heart warming and educational. Please bring on Season 3.

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      penelope hough

      I so love this show!!! please bring it back for many seasons possible!!! I so look forward to watching this great cast!!

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      Linda Simpson

      Absolutely love this show!! Please give us Season 3! We cant wait to see how the characters and relationships evolve in Corfu! The storyline may have taken a detour from the books, but that’s what makes it interesting and refreshing!! Thank you so far for the great writing, comedy, characters and acting, laughs and tears, beautiful setting and fashions, intelligence and romance…wow! Great work!!

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      Julie McDonald

      I’m one more fan who would love to see a Season 3 of The Durrels! Love, love, love it!

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      Melba Bagwell

      A delightful, quirky programme. Please have a season 3,4,5 etc. Love opening credits. Please don’t introduce us to the show just drop it.

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      Suzanne Carr

      There MUST be a season 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!! and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 !!!!!! I am totally addicted, please do not hook us and then just DROP a fantastic show like this. Please we need MORE !!!!!

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      Fred Prewitt

      Such a thought provoking show certainly
      deserves a season three! Please renew
      The program!!

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      Love the characters, setting, and everything about this show! Please bring back the Durrells in Corfu for a Season 3 (and 4, 5, 6, etc.!) This show is the best! Wonderful entertainment!

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      I loved season 1 and 2 of the Durrells in Corfu. Please go forward with season 3. In this crazy world of gratuitous violence and dark sexual content on TV it was really fun and a relief from the mainstream to watch this charming, funnny and intelligent show.

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      Loved the series Please continue the 3rd season.

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      Carole Gannon

      The Durrells in Corfu brings me to a magical place, love the family and the location. The characters are so well developed you feel you really get to know, and understand them. It has all the elements for a great series, let us dream a bit longer in Corfu with the Durrells??? season 3, 4, 5, 6 et…

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      Please renew this series for season 3! An American watching on Amazon and I just love it. Ready to travel to Greece it’s so beautiful. Please don’t let us all down. We love this show.

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      Such a beautiful production!!!! Acting is amazing! The stories stick with me for days after I see it. Please don’t cut this short. I could watch another 5 seasons! Even more!!!

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      Moki’s Wiles

      Please extend this series. It is so delightful, charming, smart and witty. Many more seasons would have a huge audience. It’s the kind of story most people look forward to seeing in a series! The acting is superb. Love the characters, the setting and the creativity.
      Thank you!!!!!!

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      gerrit bleumink

      ik heb deel 1 en 2 meermalen gezien, ik wacht nog op liefst veel delen.

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      Season 3 – Please! Please! Please! So missing this show and its wonderful quirky characters and gorgeous setting. What’s not to love? Ordering the books just to see what happens but sincerely hope you’ll bring it ALL alive for your devoted fans. P-L-E-A-S-E…….

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      Shelley Mushtuk

      A brilliant series that deserves to be renewed!!!! Don’t let all of its faithful fans down.

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      Ann Cain

      How distressing & disappointing this show’s 3rd season hasn’t been a top priority! One of the few family friendly, yet adult pleasing, shows on TV and there seems to be no desire to make it’s next season a priority! What a shame.
      Ann Cain

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      I’m one more fan who loves this show!! It would be terribly disipointing to not see more about the characters I’ve grown to love and see there lives unfold more in the fascinating setting on Corfu! Please keep this wonderful show going as long as possible!!!

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