‘Counting Cars’ Season 10: Release Date, Time & TV Channel

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      Avatar photoDerek Knightly
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      Terrance Morrill

      Good show .Except, horny Mike really kinda wrecks it with his fake ass negativity. His complaining really ruins the show.

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      Jesse Ruiz

      Miss that show !!!

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      Barry Klinedinst

      I love the show. I hope it comes back. First they cancel Rick’s restoration. I enjoyed his show. But pawn stars keeps pumping out crap. Go figure

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      Jeff Elzinga

      This a great show been to shop shop must go on Danny and his guys do a wonderful job for people what thay need do

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      Greg Flugum

      Us car enthusiasts need this program. Please, History Channel, bring it back for many more seasons. I’d reaally like to get a vehicle restored by that crew.

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      The liberal shitbags are trying to shut him down!

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      Victor L Broad

      Great show i mean its no vice grip garage. But its still great…better then pawn stars bye far

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      William Curtis

      I’ve watched the show since the beginning and I love it I love all the characters and I don’t understand why they want to parental guidance on this show because nothing is ever so what they believe out everything but it’s still a great show and I hope you really bring him back and holy crew thank you very much

Viewing 8 reply threads
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