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      Tonight’s TV
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      I wasn’t ready for season 6 of Alaska the Last Frontier to end ! Now I want season 7 right away!

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      Enjoy this program. Cant wait for season 7 cause season 6 ended so quickly. Please bring seaon 7 on soon

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      We are so anxious to watch Season 7. My husband and I enjoy Alaska the Last Frontier. The family are
      truly a family and look after one another’s needs. It is our favorite TV show. It is very educational. City people have no idea how difficult for people to live this way. Please let Season 7 return!

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      Armida Domingiez

      I love there family sure going to miss them , it seen they were part of my family .looking forward to see then again ❤️❤️???? For them mrs Armida

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      I love watching Alaska the last Frontier, and all my Friends come over most of the time so we all can enjoy the show together, I hope their will be season 7 and more to be made. It makes me wish to live that way, I’ve been looking in to it. What a great family they are.

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      I have never missed an episode!! This is the BEST of what real,useful educational TV has to offer for regular bono fide people! The lifestyles offer so much helpful benefits for practical everyday life,whether you’re on the grid or off. I have been inspired and enabled to start and maintain a kitchen garden ( 5’x8′) and to produce some very useful medicinal herbs. I am looking forward to the new season. There is already too much junk tv, ATLF is so needed and appreciated!!

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      Bev Klinebriel

      Me and my husband love Alaska the Last Frontier. Can hardly wait for its return!

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      Please renew for season 7 and many more to come. One of our favorite shows. Not a bunch of fake people and evil creatures.

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      Joan White

      Please don’t cancel the best show on television! With all the reality garbage on the screen right now, (good lord! who watches that stuff??) I would think that this show would be the number one priority. You can’t cut us off right now, when we want to know what happens to Azt Lee and Jane’s problem over the remote cabin, and we really want to see little Sparrow growing up. Who can resist Otto’s constant capers? What a great family show!

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      We were just looking for the new scheduling of the new season of Alaska The Last Frontier. Our favorite TV show. Are you serious you may not renew it? I hope not we would be devastated. We love the Kilchers.

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      Really???? This is one of the better “reality” TV Shows that is on!!!! When you watch this family it makes you want to go back in time to the simpler times when Family meant something and working is WORKING!!! Please do not cancel this program, I know of at least 100 people that would be really upset and I am not even counting my friends yet!!!!!!! Be real and keep Alaska the Last Frontier on the programming schedule.. Thank You for Your Time????????

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      I want Alaska the last Frontier to be renewed .The show was left hanging with Atz lee and Jane and other things not finished. I really like the show and have enjoyed watching since it came on TV. Please renew this show .

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      william marinos

      this alaskan show and all the shows that are about alaska are so educating and real not the fake garbage like a lot of shows on now please bring the show back for a 7 th season and many more looking very forward to the upcomming season its such an addiction

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      Billy Campbell

      We love the show and most of all the actors. The children love the animals and hunting them
      and the fishing with Jane. Do you think Otto could stop using so much Cursing ? (Doing Great Otto)
      Love them all and keep the shows coming. Can’t wait to see the little ones grow UP ON THE FARM IN ALASKA.
      Billy & Family

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      Carol Gage

      Please do NOT take Alaska: The Last Frontier off the Discovery channel!!! It’s the best show that I know of on tv. I love watching the Kilchers and their adventures, and everyone else around me loves them too!!! So PLEASE DO NOT take them off tv. They’re the BEST!!!!!!!

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      Glenn Thibodeaux

      Please renew Alaska: The Last Frontier!!!! It’s one of the very best on TV. A GREAT family show.

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      Mrs Furnia

      Please hurry and put Alaska the last frontier season 7 and many other seasons to follow on soon. My husband and I love this show and we watch past episodes recorded over and over. We need new episodes!

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