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      Avatar photoDerek Knightly
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      Jenny Morris

      This is a well planned show and well acted, far better than the American slushy films with trashy music being played while you are trying to hear what is being said. Well done to all concerned.
      May we have more with all the twists and turns that have kept us on the edge of our seats in previous episodes.. Thank you. We love it.

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        Judy in Florida

        This is the best show since Downton Abbey. By far my favorite show. The acting is superior and the whole show is so tastefully done. You can actually watch it with someone and not be embarrassed. And lets not forget to mention…. I love the clothes, the cars and of course, Ash Park. I can’t wait till Season 5 (even though I have to). I’m so hoping that Elizabeth and Douglas get together….how cute they are. There’s just too much good stuff to mention. Please, please, please don’t take it off. Your viewers are loving it. Signed ‘I love this show totally’!! : ) Judy P.S. No American TV is this good….sad to say.

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        Oz Fan

        When is this coming back to the UK please? I have watched it right from the beginning.

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      Sylvia Bazell.

      I have never loved a show as much as I love A place to call Home. Every character is believable and brilliant. I can’t wait for season 5. The setting I love,and the drive to the hospital, from Ash Park, I’m sure I could do it, Please return soon.

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      Shirley Malone Rice

      i always worked for years, was addicted to all sorts of movies. Now retired, i truly appreciate the wonderful acting, story line of this series “A PLACE TO CALL HOME”. Keep it coming please. I own (on DVD years 1-4) and looking forward to year 5. I was in the beauty salon the other day and with a full house we were comparing notes and opinions of this show. Please keep it coming. We can hardly wait.

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      Have been gripped by all the series shown thus far in the UK. Great acting, fast paced plots. Love it!! More more more please.

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      I’m wondering back in one of the previous seasons … when Sarah was old and it was in present day and a girl journalist came to interview Sarah and she looked liked Olivier..?

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      Jan Cox

      I discovered A Place To Call Home at the end of Season 1. Binge watched the all of season1 over a weekend. Love the characters and the story-line. Season 5 quickly! Please.

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      Vicki Merrill

      I absolutely love this show!!! I hope it will go on and on. It is clearly the best show I have ever watched. I was hooked from the very first episode. Can’t wait till it comes back

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      I LOVE A Place To Call Home. I missed Downton Abbey and accidentally found A Place To Call Home. It’s my favorite TV series now and I look forward to season 5.

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      No word of a lie I have watched all four seasons three times !! Each time I watch I see or hear something I missed before. I loaned the set of dvd’s to a cousin who is also in great anticipation of season 5, but found myself in a state of anxiety until the dvds were returned. By far and away superior to any America show(yes I’m an American). Best wishes to all who create this great place of Inverness and Ash Park, thank you!

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      Love this show!!! Am so happy that there will be a 5 the season!! Terrific acting and great writing. Hope it continues for many more seasons!!!

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      I really enjoy a place called home always something new….to keep me watching

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      Can’t wait for season five to start I think that Regina got what she deserved at the end of season four

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      Linda G.

      I love this show!! I’m hoping it will be available in the United States. From what I read, PBS failed to sponsor the show; so I may have to search the internet for the series. Hope I’m able to watch it!

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      Angela Mawhinney

      I watch this show with bated breath and can’t wait for the next episode. It is truly an addictive drama. Roll on series 5.

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      J. Rollison

      Awesome, Awesome show. Can’t wait for season 5

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      A Place to Call Home: This is the best, Please continue, waiting with much anticipation

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      I love this brilliant show. I do not know why it hasn’t caught on like Downton Abbey. It’s just as good. I had to purchase Acorn TV to watch Series 1 – 4. I want more NOW.

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      Carol Watterson

      We absolutely love this show. My husband and I watched 4 seasons in under 2 weeks, and just finished viewing the end of Season 4. We’re addicted and can’t wait for Season 5. Australia produces such wonderful actors. Every character is believable and so very many of them are so appealing. Thanks for doing Season 5. Maybe we’ll be fortunate enough to see several more seasons after Season 5, and get to watch these wonderful actors. Carol W. Jul 21, 2017

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      Amelia C Warwick

      Your assessment of the characters is right on!

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      Barbara k

      I thought a place to call home transcended Downton Abbey. The depth of the characters, the issues covered and the plotline we’re beyond expectations. The photography, costumes, music, and acting were so much more sophisticated than anything we receive in the United States. I am thrilled there will be a season five And PBS should be boycotted if they have not arranged to pick it up. This is the best thing on TV I have seen for years.

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      Nancy Niemi

      So I’m addicted and own the first 4-seasons. Shared it with my sister and her husband, now they’re addicted! Shared it with my daughter, now she’s addicted. A Place To Call Home brings me more enjoyment than Downton Abbey ever could! I love this Australian series! Please never let it end!!!

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      I love this show. Australia has so much talent, cantvwait for its return

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      Marie jones

      Wow, I have to agree “A Place to Call Home” is addicting. These last few weeks I have stayed well past my bedtime watching seasons 1-4 (3-4 episodes a night). I can not wait for season 5. I have searched the internet the date for the new season has not been announced 🙁

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      Rhonda Jervies

      A place to call home. Love,love,love it,can’t wait for series 5. Have 1-4 DVD’s and will add 5 to it, and hopefuly there will be many more also. ????

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      we can’t wait for 5…we disappear into it each episode and feel like we have been awakened unjustly when it ends.

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      Sherry Conner

      A Place to Call Home is one of my favorite shows and, personally, I wish that it would run forever.. The acting is superb, you can’t ask for more beautiful scenery, I love most of the characters except for evil woman trying to destroy Sarah and you feel as thought you’re part of her family.. I cannot wait for season 5 and wish that I owned the dvds.. Thank you to Acorn for carrying the show and my being able to continue watching after it seemed to disappear from PBS in the states..

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      joan s leonard

      I can’t wait for Sunday’s to get here so I can watch A Place to Call Home. It saddens me to have to wait so long for season 5 to begin. I have four different channels I can watch it on here in Virginia, with different episodes on each. I record them all on my DVR and can’t seem to get enough of this program. Thank you so much for continuing into season five.

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      Deb Lawson

      How can I WATCH Season 5 of A Place to Call Home in the US

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      I’m longing to know when I can watch season 5 of A Place to Call Home in the UK and on what channel

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      Becka Anders

      I’ve loved every minute of A Place to Call Home and am well into Season 4 now. When will Season 5 become available to us in the United States?

      Your characters, actors and story lines are absolutely compelling. . . and my hope is to continue following A Place to Call Home well past Season 5.

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      Sheri McGinnis

      I recently had back surgery and have been in bed. I loved Downton Abbey and wondered if another tv show could be as good. My husband love this hope it never ends. Thanks to God’s healing this has been such n enjoyable cast to watch.

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      Am a transplanted “Brit” & recently discovered part of our O’Malley clan through Ancestry in Australia.We watch this wonderful program through Netflix ( here in U.S.A.) , thrilled to hear there will be a season 5 as we are coming to end of last disc on season 4.

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      Renee, Scotland

      What a brilliant show, the great acting and most beautiful costumes, I can’t wait until series five airs in the UK

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      John G

      Friends recommended this show to us and we binge watched all five seasons in two months! Can’t wait till season 6 becomes available.

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      Raymond Jarvis

      Do I understand that season 6 will be streamed on Amazon Prime? How about Acorn where it currently airs in the United States. This is truly one of the five best period dramas I have ever watched. That grandmother is truly my grandmother as I recall her as a young man. I have not missed anything and don’t want to miss this simply because I live in the USA. Could someone please let me know how to watch from here? Thanks to all of you.
      Ray Jarvis

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