ComedyAngie Tribeca Returns With Fourth Season

Angie Tribeca Returns With Fourth Season

TBS‘s Angie Tribeca was renewed for their third season and the Steve Carell-produced sitcom they’ve promised more jokes and more cameos.

Apart from the original cast of:

Rashida Jones (Angie Tribeca)

Jere Burns (Chet Atkins)

Hayes MacArthur (Jay Geils)

Andree Vermeulen (Monica Scholls)

Deon Cole (DJ Tanner)

The names that have been announced to have their guest appearances in this comedy are:

Natalie Portman

Niecy Nash

Ernie Hudson (who will play Tribeca’s dad)

Andrew Bachelor (better known on all social media platforms as King Bach)

and so many other names to be on the look out for this season. Season premiere is set for April 10.

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