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Current show status: Travel Channel premiered the 15th season of The Dead Files in June. The official release date was Thursday, June 1, 2023.

Evidential medium Cindy Kaza and former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi team up in this intriguing TV series. They investigate haunted locations. Their mission? To provide proof of paranormal activity for their clients.

This series blends fantasy, horror, and reality-TV to create a unique viewing experience. Each episode takes you on a spooky adventure. The series stars Steve DiSchiavi, Amy Allan, and Matthew Anderson, who bring their expertise and nerve to the screen.

Now, while the thought of ghost hunting might send shivers down your spine, imagine doing it as a job every day! That’s exactly what this courageous team does, diving into the unknown and using their skills to uncover the mysteries lurking in the shadows.

Series Cast

Steve DiSchiavi

Steve DiSchiavi

Amy Allan

Amy Allan

Cindy Kaza

Cindy Kaza

Plot → Evidential medium Cindy Kaza and former NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi continue to investigate allegedly haunted locations at the request of their clients to provide proof of paranormal activity. – via IMDB.

The Dead Files is rated TV-PG, which means it contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. The theme itself may call for parental guidance and/or the program may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive dialogue, infrequent coarse language, some sexual situations, or moderate violence.

Series Info

The Dead Files poster

The Dead Files ⭐ 6.7

2011 • 219 Episodes

Production: Painless Productions
Network: Travel Channel
Rating: TV-PG
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Reality-TV
Region: United States

Status: Returning Series

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Where to watch

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  1. renew for season 15! only 6 episdoes in season 14? come on! we want more its a great show you would have alot of angry fans if you cut it off now,

  2. Please bring Dead Files back! I haven’t seen Dead Files since Sept. 2021. It’s the best paranormal show ever!!! Amy Allan is the best psychic and NYPD homicide Detective Steve DiSchiavi is the best Detective! They’re the best!!!! ❤💯

  3. I can understand that Amy needs a break. I’m sure it takes a lot out of her and she needs a break. It seems like that poor woman is always on the go and how can she have a life of her own. Although it would be cool to show up somewhere you don’t know about to do the show it still takes a lot out of her. We love her show and miss seeing her and Steve as much as possible. We’ve even watched the reruns and we’ve watched the 3 seasons of revisited which were really awesome. We hope she comes back soon but I do understand.

  4. Am so looking forward to seeing more episodes of The Dead Files. It is my favorite paranormal show on television. I used to be a Ghost Hunters fan but not anymore. Please keep me posted on the status of the new shows and when they will air.

  5. I agree come one travel channel. It’s one of the best shows on since other main channels can’t even be original any more. Bring back Amy And Steve plus back to 13 shows.

  6. The Dead Files is one of the very few shows I regularly watch. I’ve been checking Travel Channel guide all of the time just to see if the show is on. Please don’t cancel it!

  7. The Dead Files is my favorite Paranormal show. I love Steve & Amy . They work great together and Ma Bad I forgot to mention Matt . I absolutely love him too. Please let me know something soon. Best wishes and Good Luck .

  8. It is absolutely rediculous that when a new Season of The Dead Files just starts, and then just 6 weeks into the Season it’s over!! Come on!!! It’s so very frustrating when you get excited for dumbest weeks new show just to discover that the Season is already over!! If they continue with this very few episodes per Season, the show will go from Season 14 to Season 21 by this time next Year!!!
    I may as well stop watching the show every time a new Season starts and wait a Year and watch 4 Seasons at a time, or just drop the show and stop talking about how great the show is so people won’t get excited as I do just to be let down due to the lack of shows per Season!! This has to be a record high of a TV Series with the least amount of shows per Season!! So, if you’ve never seen the show don’t become reliable or excited for next week’s show, because the probability is high that there won’t be a new show to watch because the Season will be over after just 6 episodes!! What a disappointment!! 😡😩🙄

  9. I certainly hope that Dead Files is renewed for season 15 and beyond. For those who don’t believe in paranormal, great,,,, you have your own opinion, and I have mine.

    I do not believe everything is paranormal; there may be many other reasons. One viewer made a comparison I liked:
    ***** that if there are no visible, documented paranormal
    observations and if the paranormal is therefore
    considered to not be real; then religion can be
    considered the same.
    Something to think about within one’s own personal decision making process to believe or not.

    Some programs are pure entertainment…that’s a good thing too! However, there are real paranormal events that cannot be arbitrarily poo…poo’ed away. I’ve experienced one myself.

    I enjoy watching the Dead Files because I enjoy hearing about experiences shared on the program. Whether I believe all, some or none of it is my own choice to make. However, I hope it continues in the future since I enjoy it!

  10. Why isn’t the Travel Channel not renewing Dead Files, all the BEST shows??
    They canceled Holzer Files, WHY????
    Ghost Hunters????
    Kindred Spirits????
    Destination Fear????
    What’s Going On?????

  11. I am waiting very impatiently for the Dead Files, Season 17. I read that the Travel Channel hasn’t confirmed Season 17 yet. What are they waiting for? They rerun Fear the Woods, various alien and bigfoot shows but, not the Dead Files. I’d be happy to see some of the old episodes until they announce Season 17. Which they need to do if they wish to keep the fans happy, who watch the show and their channel! If not, I hope that the Dead Files moves to another channel who appreciates them and their fans who support the show! At least make an announcement one way or the other, so I’ll know whether to watch your channel anymore or not.

  12. Please renew Dead Files. It is the one paranormal show I can actually get my sons to watch with me. It is one of our “family times”.

  13. Travel Channel please bring Dead Files back and get rid of Ghost Adventures I don’t know one person who likes it (can’t stand Zac) and the show and prove nothing.

    • I met Zak in person a few months ago at his museum. I was so excited when I walked into the “jail room” and saw him and Jay talking. He was very rude. Instead of asking how we are enjoying his museum, or answer any of his “fans” questions, he just said, “have a nice tour” and bolted out of the room like the room was on fire! Jay, at least said, “hi, guys. Nice to see you all here.” Zak is an ***hole!

  14. We are all waiting fir the show to return. There are other great paranormal shows, but THE DEAD FILES is an original. Have been watching since the beginning.

  15. Me and my husband look forward every week to watching The Dead Files it is such a awesome show. Please bring them back and let people know that they really love watching them it is so interesting. Please renew your contract for season 17 so we can watch more of you. Thank you

  16. They need to renew this show I love it and I can’t take another show from me like Supernatural, The originals and Legacies and my old show Shameless I’ve watched all of them from the first one until they cancelled them I watched Supernatural from the first episode until it went off I actually DVR’D the last ones 😢

  17. Eagerly awaiting season 17 of The Dead Files… Its my favorite show. I lthat Discovery + added it to thier 24 hour channel.. But I can’t wait for new season. I never get tired of watching this series… Amy amazes me with what she sees. An Steve amazes me with his research.. They work absolutely gr8 together… Keep up the awesome work…

  18. The Dead Files is the only show I watch anymore. The other shows are bland in comparison with a lot of over acting. Pleae start a season 17. If you cancel Dead Files I will probably forget about the travel channel programming.

  19. Please renew The Dead Files! It’s the best show on paranormal help! Amy and Steve do an amazing job helping these people who need them. I started watching paranormal shows because of her! Her abilities are amazing and she’s the best! He’s an amazing detective and he digs for the truth! There are some truly stupid paranormal shows on and I change the channel. Please bring this show back!

  20. Please please please don’t cancel the dead files. It’s the best paranormal show ever. Ghost adventures is absolutely absurd. Same as fear the woods. Like other shows not coming back. It seems you’re keeping the awful shows and not renewing the best ones.

  21. Anxiously awaiting to hear about the Dead files…please bring it back with new episodes.
    We can’t get Disney + in our area.
    We love this show.

  22. I can’t believe there is no mention of whether Travel Channel is renewing The Dead Files. This show is head and shoulders above the rest of the paranormal shows and Amy and Steve are the best! Hurry up and bring it back, Travel Channel!!!

  23. Well now we are in February 2023 and still NO Dead Files, WHAT’S UP? I can understand not filming during COVID-19 but this is ridiculous. I pay extra for the TRVL Channel because this is one of our favorite shows! I think if they aren’t coming back tell the viewers!!

  24. As far as I can gather TDF finished filming in Dec. Hopefully what ever snaffu is holding up theTC from releasing it to tv & D+ won’t last much longer. Depending on production & rights & all that. So many fans it should have a #10 rating.

  25. Dead Files is the BEST SHOW EVER!
    Amy is AMAZING. Steve has real compassion for their clients. I think
    Amy is real! And I don’t believe in
    Psychics. She is a truly beautiful
    Inside out. Please RENEW!

  26. I knew that Amy would flake out one year. She always seemed needy. A little off kilter. But I absolutely love her. I pray she is ok and hope she knows how much her fans love her. If she’s stressing about turning 50 well don’t. You are still young and beautiful. Trust me, it’s all right. We love you Amy. Come back, please. Cindy is great too.


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