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Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch on Discovery


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Current show status: Discovery premiered the third season of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch in November. The official release date was Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

Blind Frog Ranch is set in the eerie, seemingly enchanted landscapes of eastern Utah, where the earth itself feels different. It’s mysterious. Locals whisper about curses and secrets that the land desperately clings to, setting the stage for an intriguing reality TV series.

The show dives into the mysteries and legends surrounding this unique location. It’s gripping. With each episode, Duane Ollinger, his son Chad, and their friend Charlie Snider explore the ranch, trying to uncover what lies beneath the surface, both literally and figuratively.

Blind Frog Ranch captivates viewers with its blend of adventure, mystery, and the unknown. The series features the explorations and discoveries of Duane Ollinger, Chad Ollinger, and Charlie Snider.

Series Cast

Duane Ollinger

Duane Ollinger

Chad Ollinger

Chad Ollinger

Charlie Snider

Charlie Snider

Plot → There are some places on earth where the land just seems different, and Blind Frog Ranch in eastern Utah is one of those places. Locals say the land is cursed. That it’s trying to hold on to something. – via IMDB.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is rated TV-PG, which means it contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. The theme itself may call for parental guidance and/or the program may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive dialogue, infrequent coarse language, some sexual situations, or moderate violence.

Series Info

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch poster

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch ⭐ 6.0

2021 • 22 Episodes

Network: Discovery
Rating: TV-PG
Genres: Reality-TV
Region: United States

Status: Returning Series

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Where to watch

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3 on Amazon Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch on Netflix Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3 on Prime Video
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  1. Better update this site because The Mystery of Blind Frog Rance starts tonight January 7th on Discovery. Check your local listings and Shame on you for not updating this site, so what is it just click bait???#Shame

  2. I saw 2 days ago it was scheduled for today. And now there’s reruns of gold rush ????? Get it back on (.come on man) let’s go Brandon

  3. Very disappointed Blind Frog Ranch did not come on as it was advertised too all week!!! What is up with that ?????? February 4 2022 !!!

  4. I can’t believe this show only has a 6.5 out of 10. This show is a 9.5 for sure. So exciting, sits you on the edge of your seat and these guys and the camera crew are fantastic.
    There is a a lot of history to be seen from Blind Frog Ranch.

  5. Why even bother watching these shows if they’re not going to have a second season it’s really disgusting and disappointing I don’t feel like watching any of discovery shows like this it seems like Discovery is nothing but a bunch of 90 day whatever’s and that has gotten the old real fast

  6. PLEASE BRING BACK MYSTERY AT BLIND FROG RANCH!!! IT WOULDVE GOTTEN A 9.5 RATING out of 10 YOUR 400+ VIEWERS WHO RATED IT ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO SEE . VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT IT HASN’T BEEN RENEWED and i can see from all the comments im not the only one. And the last comment is right how many reruns of gold rush can you put on. ? Maybe it’s time to have a changing of the guard with who makes your decisions on TV CONTENT. CALL ME IM AVAILABLE.

  7. I would like to know how to vote for bringing a show back that no one can make up their minds on if they want a new season of a show. Well as for me and I’m sure many others want a 3rd season of The Mystery of Blind Frog Ranch.

  8. Just waiting for the show to start again. I do realize that the weather may have delayed this so all I can do is wait. One of my favorites by far.


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