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Current show status: History premiered the tenth season of Forged in Fire in October. The official release date was Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

“Forged in Fire” features four skilled knife makers who face off in a thrilling competition to craft the top-notch, functional knife. It’s intense! They must tackle a variety of challenges, testing their ability to forge sharp and durable weapons.

Each episode is a race against time. The weapons range from samurai swords to Viking battle axes. Hosted by experts Doug Marcaida, David Lain Baker, and Ben Abbott, the show evaluates each weapon for its craftsmanship, utility, and historical accuracy.

Despite the heat of the forge and the clang of metal, “Forged in Fire” isn’t just about the sparks; it’s a test of skill, history, and creativity. The competitors must re-create iconic weapons that have shaped history, ensuring each piece is a blend of art and engineering.

Series Cast

David Lain Baker

David Lain Baker
Self – Judge

Doug Marcaida

Doug Marcaida
Self – Judge

Doug Marcaida

Doug Marcaida
Self – Judge

Plot β†’ Four custom knife makers compete to make the best usable knife through a series of challenges. – via IMDB.

Forged in Fire is rated TV-PG, which means it contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. The theme itself may call for parental guidance and/or the program may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive dialogue, infrequent coarse language, some sexual situations, or moderate violence.

Series Info

Forged in Fire poster

Forged in Fire ⭐ 8.2

2015 β€’ 242 Episodes

Production: Railsplitter Pictures
Network: History
Rating: TV-PG
Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV
Region: United States

Status: Returning Series

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  1. This is the most interesting reality show I’ve viewed. It is educational, and although I will never forge a blade, my grandfather was a blacksmith. He could do anything with metal and fire.

    Can’t wait for the new season. Due to serious illness in our family, I did not have the opportunity to view Forged in Fire until September of 2017. I’ve watched every episode I could get my hands on and cannot wait for the new season.

  2. I have been a fan of Forged in Fire since the get go! I do not forge blades, but have an active, avid interest in them. I collect exotic knives, some real blades some not! I love to see an episode dedicated to making of exotic blades(knives, swords, etc…)! This is the only reality show I will watch. I hope it goes on forever!

  3. i like the show me and my friends would like its returned this year 2023 the show is not just fun but entertaining an educational to .thanks

  4. Accidentally stumbled on F-in-F in season 2. Got kinda hooked. Crudely banged out a blade of my own. In hindsight, it’s arguably the ugliest and most worthless thing on the planet. But I was hooked. Built my own forge, then my own anvil, tongs, etc. Eventually built my own power hammer and hydraulic press. Now I build a couple dozen knives a year, do some really cool Damascus and I LOVE FORGED IN FIRE!
    And my wife has a crush on Dave Baker. πŸ˜‰

  5. I watch all kinds shows from the entire world. This is the best how I’ve seen in long long time because I get see the bladesmiths build one from start to finish, if their good and lucky. I love pressure. I thank all the bladesmiths for their good works. I can’t wait for Season 10.


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