A&E'Unforgettable' Season 5: Release Date, Time & TV Channel

‘Unforgettable’ Season 5: Release Date, Time & TV Channel

Unforgettable season  date

Unforgettable is a crime TV show created by Ed Redlich and John Bellucci and is produced by Sony Pictures Television, Timberman/Beverly Productions and CBS Television Studios. The show stars Poppy Montgomery, Dylan Walsh, James Hiroyuki Liao and Jane Curtin. Unforgettable first aired on A&E on September 20, 2011. So far there have been four seasons. The series currently has a 6.7 out of 10 IMDb rating, based on 15,672 user votes.

Unfortunatelty, A&E has officially cancelled / ended the series. The are no plans for season 5.

This post has the latest information on the status of Unforgettable season 5 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you updated.

Unforgettable season 5 release date: Was it cancelled?

When does Unforgettable season 5 come out?
A&E has officially cancelled Unforgettable tv series. Season 4 of Unforgettable will be the last season. A&E does not have plans for the next season, but we can never be sure. As of March 2023, season five has not been planned or scheduled. If you want to get notified of any changes, please sign up for updates below, and join the conversation in our forums. You can also check out Unforgettable’s IMDb page.

Was Unforgettable renewed for season 5?
No, Unforgettable has been cancelled by A&E. Season four will be the final season.

Thankfully, you can still buy and watch past episodes below.

Frequently asked questions

Is Unforgettable cancelled?
Yes, Unforgettable has been officially canceled. There will not be season 5.

When did Unforgettable originally come out?
Unforgettable originally came out on Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

How many seasons of Unforgettable are there?
There have been four seasons total.

Is Unforgettable on Netflix?
We do not track Netflix release dates; you can check if Unforgettable is on Netflix at NetflixDates.

What time does Unforgettable come on?
Unforgettable aired 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT on A&E. You can also find out Unforgettable air times in different time zones.

Unforgettable plot and series summary

Carrie Wells, a former police detective, has a rare ability to remember virtually everything she experiences including detailed visual recall. She returns to police work and uses her ability to solve crimes.

You may also visit Unforgettable’s official website and IMDb page.

Unforgettable age rating

Unforgettable is rated TV-14, which means it contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age. Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under the age of 14 watch unattended. This program may contain one or more of the following: intensely suggestive dialogue, strong coarse language, intense sexual situations, or intense violence.

Unforgettable season 5 status and details

Name: Unforgettable
Last Season: Season 4
Original Premiere: September 20, 2011
Total Episodes: 61
Network: A&E
Episode Runtime: Approx. 1 hour
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Parental Rating: TV-14
Region: United States

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  1. I wish I knew season 4 of unforgettable will be the last. I would not watched at all!! the fact of eliminating Al character is so dissapointed as well as the way done it. 🙁 they should also come with season 5

  2. Wish the makers would reconcider and make season 5. The way the show finished, shows an uncaring attitude towards the fans and audience.

  3. That was a horrible way to end the series. You need to do a season 5 if for nothing else to end it without a cliff hanger if your canceling the series!

  4. What? No season 5? No way. What kind of ending is that? There has to be a better ending. What a shame. Only if I would’ve know this was the last season. Ugh!! This better be reconsidered. Common!

  5. How can season four end like this makes no sense….Carry screaming for help it’s very clear there has to be a another episode if not a season atleast one more episode.

  6. The makers of the movie unforgettable need to have their damn heads examined… How can you put out a movie like unforgettable and let it in the way it did.. there is no ending.. there’s a possibility.. a possibility that Al will make it… Or possibility that he died but what happens to Carrie is this ridiculous I wish I knew who had made the movie and why they stopped it at season 4 I’d like to b**** slap them

  7. I agree there should be a series 5 there is pleanty of things left up in the air that could be used for a new series they always take off good things and keep rubbish like evil

  8. I can’t believe the series ends right after Al professes his love for Carrie and then he is shot!…What a terrible way to end a really good show! It needs to be completed for closing out an otherwise excellent run!…Somebody pick it up and revive its good name! it is a travesty to set up Al’s apparent fatal shooting leaving all sorts of plot set ups unexplained! have never seen a series end so incomplete!…Get on it guys!

  9. A&E I understand everything is about money. I understand 6.7 out of 10 is not high enough to continue a series. But you had 6.7 of loyal viewers that you completely disappointed. Don’t care about your viewers is that it? I watched the series because it was a crime solving series that didn’t leave me sad or upset for having watched it. As did 6.7 of your viewing census. You could have chosen an ending that matched the needs of the viewers who stuck with you for 4 seasons. Instead it was like a slap in the face. You’re not Tarantino and I wasn’t watching to be so disappointed. A&E is not a network I will view in the future and I hope 6.7 find other networks to view as I will.

  10. What kind of crazy ending was that?? After being a devoted ‘Unforgettable’ fan to have such a devastating ending! Even IF Al dies, what happens to Carrie?? How could the producers be so cold-hearted and callus to at least not have one more episode to wrap things up instead of leaving fans in limbo??!! Shame on you!!

  11. OMG That ending was horrible.. There needs to be couple more episodes you can not leave a ending like that…. I absolutely loved the show but that ending come on guys….

  12. Who in their right minds ends a show like this? There is so many plots to carry on with… Finding the person who shot Al, why and so forth. I never missed one episode only to get a slap in the face after it ended on a ‘must continue’ situation. Shame on you.

  13. There simply has to be a season 5. After everything that’s happened you cannot leave it there! It’s such a great series and someone needs to take it up and continue the story.

  14. I agree with ALL of the above comments
    especially the ones about leaving crap on & taking the programs off that are entertaining WITHOUT the blood, sex & gore. That is exactly why viewers are leaving in droves. You don’t care about what we would logically want.

  15. I cannot believe A&E ended the series like that! There needs to at least be one more episode, maybe set 5 years in the future, to show us what happened to Al & Carrie. Also, show us who killed her sister.

  16. just recently viewed all episodes that’s not an end to a brilliant programme it’s crazy leaving fans with questions like that why’s everything down to money let us know what happens not watch anything you make again!!!!

  17. I just completed 4 seasons. I loved the show. It had humour and drama. Loved the banter between the characters of the show. I hate the way it ended. Very disappointed.

  18. I just completed 4 seasons. I loved the show. It had humour and drama. Loved the banter between the characters of the show. I hate the way it ended. Very disappointed no 5th season.

  19. Man I love the show but one thing I didn’t like bout it is how they wus doin al and Carrie character with there relationship and how they ended the last show they waited till the ended before they but then together and finally expressed there feelings for each other they didn’t have to end the show like they did and leave us hanging like they did they should be shamed of there selfs they needed to bring it back and have al serving and have looking for the that shot him

  20. Definitely anoid about the ending. However it is not the writers and makers fault. They usually have a script for season 5 in this case, when the network cancels at last moment,vhence an ending like this.

    Fans should just boycot a&r from now on, just so networks learn to listen too viewers and not to the almighty dollar

  21. I have just completed the four seasons what a terrible way to end it…..Please please make a season five….very dissatisfied

  22. Why why are they allowed to do this networks should not show these series if they don’t have an ending. It shows a lack of consideration for the people that support these networks. You get so involved and then they leave you with an ending like that total and absolute BS. Wish we could boycott them I know it’s impossible but they do this so many times leaving us so disappointed. They should know that karma is a bitch, with a bit of luck they will all go broke and we will have to resort to entertaining ourselves like sports, camping going and having fun outside with our kids, yes I’m old but boy did we have a wonderful young life. 🏀🏉🏸🎾⚾️🏊‍♀️🚲🏕🛶🏌️


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