Watch The Chosen Season 4 Online: Streaming and Broadcast Guide

Hoping to find out when “The Chosen” Season 4 will start airing or streaming by Easter Sunday? Well, you might be in for a bit of a disappointment. Instead of good news, expect a lump of coal in your Easter basket.

Dallas Jenkins, the series EP, dropped a bombshell in a recent YouTube video. He mentioned a non-theatrical release for Season 4 is facing delays. Longer than anyone hoped for, actually. And it’s all due to some legal matters that are, fingers crossed, getting resolved.

In the meantime, for those who can’t wait, there’s a silver lining. All eight episodes of Season 4 of this Jesus drama are still showing. But only in select theaters, and only until March 30. So, you might wanna hurry.

Now, about streaming. The CW, which was pretty cozy with the first three seasons, hasn’t said a peep about hosting Season 4. Not a word about a release date either, from Netflix or other past partners. And not even from The Chosen app itself. Talk about keeping us in suspense.

Kyle Young, a big shot at The Chosen, spilled some beans to Variety. But not the beans we were hoping for. No timetable for when Season 4 might hit our screens. And get this, there’s chatter about future seasons being exclusive to just one outlet. Intriguing, right?

So, what’s left for the series, aiming for a seven-season run? Season 4 wrapped up around Holy Week, right before the big event – the crucifixion. Jenkins told Variety that Season 5, which starts filming in April, will tackle the most famous week in human history. No pressure, right?

And Season 6? Jenkins teased it’ll focus on just one day. A day in the life (or afterlife?) of Jesus. Now, that’s something to ponder.

So, have you made it to the Cineplex to binge Season 4 of “The Chosen”? And any guesses on what “one day” Season 6 will dive into?

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
Mason Messick is a writer and television enthusiast. He has been covering the world of TV for 5 years and has a particular passion for drama series. Mason's engaging writing style has made him a valuable member of the Tonight.TV website team.


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