Uncoupled Season 2 Cancelled: Neil Patrick Harris Show Ends on Showtime

Showtime decided not to be the knight in shining armor for *Uncoupled* after all. The network has chosen to pass on a second season of Neil Patrick Harris’s divorce comedy. Interestingly, this comes after the show was initially saved from cancellation by Netflix.

*Uncoupled* showcased the life of Michael Lawson, a New York City real estate agent. Played by NPH, Michael’s world turns upside down when his long-term boyfriend, Colin McKenna, leaves him. The first season, which now stands as its only season, concluded with Colin’s unexpected return. He admits to Michael that he made a “huge mistake.”

In the midst of all this, the show’s executive producer, Jeffrey Richman, made an intriguing comment. He mentioned enjoying the challenge of “painting ourselves into a corner” with Michael and Colin’s unresolved storyline.

The finale left several other storylines hanging as well. Suzanne, Michael’s coworker, confronts the father of her son for the first time since their college days. Stanley, Michael’s best friend, shares his breast cancer diagnosis. And Billy, the life of the party, decides it’s time to get serious about love and life.

The cast was stellar, featuring Tuc Watkins as Colin, Tisha Campbell as Suzanne, and others. Marcia Gay Harden played Claire, adding to the show’s dynamic ensemble.

Behind the scenes, the show was a collaborative effort. Creators Jeffrey Richman and Darren Star, along with NPH and Lilly Burns, served as executive producers. Darren Star, known for *Emily in Paris*, brought his expertise to *Uncoupled* as well. Interestingly, *Emily in Paris* has been renewed for a fourth season by Netflix.

In a world overflowing with scripted series, *Uncoupled* aimed to carve its niche. Despite its cancellation, the show’s unique blend of humor and heart will be remembered by its fans. For those looking to dive into more series, an extensive A-to-Z list of over 300 scripted shows is available for exploration.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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