Ron Harper, Star of Land of the Lost, Passes Away – Obituary

Ron Harper has left us. At the age of 91, he passed away.

His death occurred at his home on Thursday. It was due to natural causes. Nicole Longeuay, his daughter, shared this sad news.

Harper was quite known for his roles in short-lived TV series. Remember “Land of the Lost” and “Planet of the Apes”? That’s where he shone.

In “Land of the Lost,” he joined during its third season. It was a bit of a mess, honestly. Spencer Milligan left over money issues, and suddenly, Harper’s character was there, replacing him as the kids’ uncle, Jack. Talk about a sudden switch!

Before that chaos, Harper landed a spot in “Planet of the Apes” as astronaut Alan Virdon. It was 1974, right after the “Apes” movies had their run. Roddy McDowall was there too, but despite the big names, the show didn’t last. Just 14 episodes, then poof, gone. High costs and low ratings were to blame.

Harper wasn’t just about those two roles, though. He appeared in “Tales of Wells Fargo,” “Thriller,” “Wagon Train,” and “The Tall Man.” Plus, he was in “87th Precinct,” a police drama. Quite the variety, right?

From 1990-1991, he was Peter Whitmore in “Generations.” That gig lasted for 62 episodes. And he didn’t stop there. The ’90s saw him popping up in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Melrose Place,” and a handful of other shows.

Movies? He did those too. “The Wild Season,” “The Odd Couple II,” and “Pearl Harbor” featured him.

And so, we say goodbye to Ron Harper. His legacy? It’s a mix of memorable roles and abrupt TV exits. Quite the journey, huh?

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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