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Love Island Fans – Check Out These Other Series That Play on the Classic Format

Love Island has been a cultural phenomenon, and the original UK version of the hit dating show has inspired countless copies and related offerings. It may be trash TV, but it’s a guilty pleasure that viewers can’t get enough of.

People who enjoy watching oiled-up muscle men and make-up-adorned beauties form complex love triangles in stunning locations now have a lot of content to choose from. Indeed, turn to any streaming platform on the internet and you’ll encounter plenty of options that include these winning elements.

Check out these ideas about what to watch if you’re a diehard Love Island fanatic.

Love Island International Variants

The first stop for Love Island junkies is to load up on all the different international versions of the show. Aside from the UK original, there are a whopping 22 other iterations from countries around the world. That means you’ll be able to see the most attractive people from a diverse range of nations, along with a load of jaw-dropping new locations.

As ExpressVPN highlights in this handy article, there are eight versions, alongside the UK offering, that come highly rated. These include the Australian, United States, Italian, and French iterations. They even supply a useful bingo card that you can use when watching all the different shows. When the contestants say common platitudes such as, “at the end of the day,” and “it is what it is,” you can cross off squares on your bingo card and add a bit of extra excitement to your viewing experience.

Too Hot to Handle

Too Hot to Handle is probably the best-known series that’s designed to allure Love Island lovers. Netflix has a keen eye for current trends and realized that it was impossible to ignore this flirty Island-based format. After all, people seem to lap it up!

The interesting thing about this Netflix title is that it subverts the traditional themes of Love Island. The ITV original is all about getting couples together and it encourages romantic activity. The reality competition created by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett, on the other hand, stipulates that couples are forbidden from kissing and sexual contact.

Too Hot to Handle has been a hit, and The Guardian referred to it as “disgustingly bingeable.” There are currently three seasons available to stream and it has been renewed for a fourth.

Fboy Island

HBO Max’s entry to the dating reality series genre is FBoy Island which, again, takes the traditional Love Island framework and applies its own rules. The biggest difference here is that there are only three women, but there are twenty-four men, to begin with.

The aim of the series presented by Nikki Glaser is for the three hotties to discover which of the men are womanizers and which are seeking a meaningful relationship. The series earned a strong review from Salon, which noted that it was cheeky and addictive. It has already led to international spinoffs of its own, so it must be doing something right.

It’s clear that the dating reality television genre is going nowhere, and Love Island fans now have tons of options to choose from. No matter which streaming platform you subscribe to, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs.

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