How to Choose the Most Secure Online Payment Method for You

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Most of the leading online casinos have a selection of payment methods. Some of the best will have a huge number of options, many of which could be new to you. You are unlikely to choose a payment method you have never seen before and the advice is to stick to making deposits using a method you know. 

However, there are steps you can take to ensure you choose the most secure online payment method for you and we have outlined the most important steps below.


You want to use the most secure and trustworthy payment options available. That is not to say some of the payment methods listed at some websites will be unsecure and the site will have technology in place to prevent any serious issues. 

Nonetheless, you want to use an online payment method that is known for providing a secure payment gateway, with VISA and bank transfer being two good examples. Do not be tempted to sign up for a payment method you are unsure of simply because it is available at an online casino. Always conduct your own research of the payment provider, see who else has been using it and how their experience has been. Keeping your money safe should be your number one priority when making a payment online.

Transaction Fees

It does not matter if you are making a deposit at online casino or paying for a product at a different website, you do not want to be charged huge fees simply for making the payment. 

Some online payment providers charge fees when using their service and if you are making regular payments online, including deposits at online casinos, the charges can soon begin to add up. For example, if you like to deposit $50 per week at an online casino to play games and are you are charged a percentage of that deposit every time, the cost becomes significant over the course of a year. 

Always check the transaction cost of the payment provider before you begin using their services. That is not to say you should only use online payment methods that are free. A payment method could offer other features you like to use plus their security could be excellent and that makes it worthwhile paying the transaction fee.

Transaction Speeds

When playing online casino games or making a sports bet, you do not want to be left waiting a long time for your deposit to arrive in your account. 

If you are not in a rush and can wait, the transaction speed may not be of much concern to you but if you are short on time and want to begin playing games immediately, you do not want to wait for a slow transaction speed. Perhaps you want to join a live real dealer poker game and time is running out before the registration closes. In those circumstances, you want the quickest transaction time possible but never at the detriment of security.

Casino Bonuses

When signing up to a new online casino, you are likely to have a welcome bonus to claim. It can be very exciting to see a large welcome bonus but do not get carried away before reading the terms and conditions. 

There is a good chance you will find some payment methods are not accepted when claiming a deposit bonus. There are some fantastic bonus codes available for sweepstakes casinos, with McLuck promo codes being a fine example. There is even a no deposit bonus on offer when using a McLuck promo code but you must check the terms and conditions to see if any payment methods are excluded from the promotion. 

Some online casinos will offer a bonus that can be claimed when using a specific type of payment method, so always read the small print regarding casino bonuses to ensure you do not miss out on the promotion.


Finally, when choosing the most secure online payment method for you, consider the general availability of the payment method. If you are making many transactions online, it is useful if you can use the same payment option across multiple platforms. This will save you a lot of time and it means the payment method is trusted by many websites.

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Olivia Martinez
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