Hobbies You Can Still Enjoy If You Move into a Care Home

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Moving into a care home can mark a big change in a person’s life, but it doesn’t mean leaving behind the hobbies and activities that bring joy and fulfillment. Many care homes offer a variety of programs and facilities designed to support and nurture residents’ interests. Here are some hobbies you can still enjoy, or even discover, when you move into a care home.

Arts and Crafts

Creative activities like painting, drawing, knitting, and pottery can be incredibly therapeutic and rewarding. Many care homes provide well-equipped art rooms and organized classes where residents can explore their artistic side. These activities not only offer a chance to express oneself creatively but also promote fine motor skills and mental engagement. This luxury care home in Kingston offers a full schedule of daily activities, including arts and crafts, that residents can get involved in. 


For those who love the outdoors and have a green thumb, gardening is a hobby that can be continued in many care homes. Raised garden beds and accessible greenhouses allow residents to plant flowers, vegetables, and herbs. Gardening is not only relaxing but also provides a sense of accomplishment as residents nurture their plants and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Music and Dance

Music has a big impact on emotional well-being and cognitive function. Many care homes have regular musical activities, including sing-alongs, music therapy sessions, and dance classes. Whether you play an instrument, enjoy singing, or simply love to listen to music, these activities can be a delightful way to stay engaged and uplifted.

Reading and Writing

Reading remains a favorite pastime for many, and care homes often have libraries or reading rooms with a selection of books, magazines, and newspapers. Book clubs and reading groups are common, providing a social aspect to this solitary hobby. For those who enjoy writing, journaling, poetry, and even memoir writing can be deeply satisfying and provide a way to share one’s life experiences.

Games and Puzzles

Board games, card games, and puzzles are great for mental stimulation and social interaction. Many care homes organize regular game nights or afternoons where residents can play favorites like chess, Scrabble, or bridge. Jigsaw puzzles are also popular, offering a relaxing way to pass the time while keeping the mind active.

Watching TV and Movies

Watching TV and movies is a beloved pastime that can easily be continued in a care home. Many care homes have communal TV rooms where residents can gather to watch their favorite shows, movies, or special events like sports games and award shows. These shared viewing experiences can foster social interaction and a sense of community. Individual rooms often have televisions, allowing residents to enjoy their preferred programs in the comfort of their own space. 

Physical Activities

Staying physically active is crucial for overall health and well-being. Care homes often offer a variety of fitness programs tailored to residents’ abilities, including yoga, tai chi, chair exercises, and walking groups. These activities help maintain mobility, strength, and balance, and they can be a fun way to socialize.

Cooking and Baking

For those who love to cook or bake, some care homes have communal kitchens where residents can prepare their favorite dishes, either independently or as part of a group activity. Cooking classes and baking sessions can be enjoyable and bring back fond memories of family recipes and shared meals.

Technology and Digital Engagement

Many care homes are embracing technology to keep residents connected with the outside world. Classes on using smartphones, tablets, and computers can open up new hobbies like digital photography, social media, or even online games. Video calls with family and friends can help maintain important relationships, reducing feelings of isolation.

Moving into a care home doesn’t mean giving up the activities you love. In fact, it can be an opportunity to rediscover old passions and explore new ones, all while enjoying the support and companionship of a caring community.

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Derek Knightly
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