Earth Abides TV Show: Alexander Ludwig Cast, Release Date Announced

Alexander Ludwig is on the move. He’s leaving Starz for MGM+.

Just after “Heels” got the axe, Ludwig snagged the lead in MGM+’s “Earth Abides.” It’s a series adaptation of George R. Stewart’s novel.

“Earth Abides” is getting a fresh look from Todd Komarnicki, the mind behind “Sully.” It’s described as a wildly imaginative take on the sci-fi staple.

The story throws Ludwig’s character, Ish, into a world almost wiped clean by a plague. Ish, a geologist, finds himself alone after waking from a coma.

The globe’s been ravaged by an unmatched plague. Ish discovers scattered survivors in a world without rules.

His quest? To understand the difference between merely surviving and finding a sanctuary. And maybe, just maybe, learn to love again in a broken world.

Production for this six-episode journey begins in Vancouver on April 8. They’re eyeing a late 2024 release.

MGM+’s Michael Wright shared his excitement. He believes “Earth Abides” holds messages of humanity and hope that resonate just as strongly today as they did nearly a century ago.

Komarnicki echoed this sentiment. He finds the adaptation thrilling and timely, emphasizing unity and compassion as society’s path forward.

An A-to-Z list of 300+ scripted series is available for those interested.

Ludwig, known for his role as Bjorn Ironside in “Vikings,” has recently been seen in “Heels” alongside Stephen Amell. Unfortunately, “Heels” was canceled in December after two seasons.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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