Catherine O’Hara and Seth Rogen Star in Apple TV Series The Studio

Moira Rose is making a comeback to her showbiz roots. And oh, how we’ve missed her.

Catherine O’Hara, famed for her role in *Schitt’s Creek*, is diving back into the spotlight. She’s set to star alongside Seth Rogen in *The Studio*, a new comedy series on Apple TV+. The show takes a humorous look at a legacy Hollywood movie studio’s struggle to stay afloat in today’s fast-evolving entertainment scene.

This gig marks O’Hara’s first major TV role since her iconic portrayal of Moira Rose ended in 2020. Remember Moira? The faded soap star with an unforgettable wardrobe and accent? Yeah, that Moira.

Joining O’Hara and Rogen in *The Studio* are Kathryn Hahn from *WandaVision*, Ike Barinholtz of *The Mindy Project* fame, and Chase Sui Wonders, known for her roles in *Generation* and *Bupkis*. Quite the ensemble, right?

Oh, and guess who’s popping in as a guest star? Bryan Cranston. Yep, the *Breaking Bad* legend himself. The series is penned, directed, and executive produced by Rogen and his buddy Evan Goldberg. These two, along with Peter Huyck, Alex Gregory, and Frida Perez, are the brains behind the show.

The guest cast list doesn’t end with Cranston. It also includes Dewayne Perkins from *The Upshaws* and Keyla Monterroso Mejia, who you might recognize from *Curb Your Enthusiasm*.

So, when’s all this happening? Production kicked off already, having been greenlit by Apple wayyyy back in 2020. They’re planning to wrap up shooting early this summer. After that, Rogen’s slated to start work on Season 2 of his other Apple TV+ comedy, *Platonic*.

Talk about a busy schedule, huh? But hey, that’s Hollywood for you. Always on the move, always something new brewing. Can’t wait to see what *The Studio* brings to the table.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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