Bupkis Cancelled: Pete Davidson’s Show Not Returning for Season 2 on Peacock

Pete Davidson has made a surprising move. His Peacock comedy, *Bupkis*, won’t be coming back for the second season everyone was expecting. This news just dropped, and yeah, it’s official.

Davidson shared some thoughts on Thursday. He said, “I’ve always seen *Bupkis* as a peek into my life. It’s personal, you know? It’s about my struggles, my family.” He’s been in the spotlight for nearly a decade. Wanted to tell his story, his way. “*Bupkis* is what I’m most proud of,” he admitted. He’s thankful to Lorne Michaels, Broadway Video, Peacock, Universal Television, and the incredible cast and writers. But, he feels that chapter of his life is done. “Excited for what’s next,” he added, grateful for the support.

*Bupkis* dropped its first season in May 2023. It’s a bit of a wild ride, showing an exaggerated version of Davidson’s life. We’re talking unique family vibes and the crazy world of fame. Edie Falco played his mom, Amy Davidson. And Joe Pesci? He was Pete’s granddad, Joe Larocca.

The show got a fast-track renewal for Season 2 in June 2023. That was less than two months after its debut. Talk about a quick turnaround, right?

So, *Bupkis* fans, this twist has got to be a shock. What do you think? Drop your thoughts below.

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Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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