How Do Different Countries Around The World Approach Gambling?

How Do Different Countries Around The World Approach Gambling?
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Gambling entertainment in today’s reality has become an integral part of the modern gambling industry. Gambling is not only an easy and risky method of making money for casino players, but also quite profitable business for its owners. All countries have different attitudes to the games. In some, it is part of the culture, while in others it is strictly forbidden. You can read more about gambling and its concept by following this link

Despite the fact that in many countries gambling business is brought to a legal level, nevertheless it is subject to strict control by the legislation, as each country has its own approach to the regulation of gambling. Such restrictions, in particular, are not only related to the game itself, but also to the advertising of this kind of entertainment.

The Main Methods of Regulating Gambling

Gambling entertainment has different types and forms. These can be games in land-based casinos, online establishments, sports betting, slot machines, and totalizators. All their activities are subject to licensing and strict state control. Each country, at its own discretion, establishes certain approaches to regulate gambling business. Therefore, based on the methods all countries are divided into 4 types:

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  • Online casinos of foreign origin are not subject to blocking. Local regulators do not apply strict legal requirements. Here, foreign casinos can operate under a license from another jurisdiction or operate without a license at all. But, very importantly – this does not mean that gambling entertainment is allowed in these countries.
  • The countries where online casinos are allowed must be licensed by the local regulator and strictly follow the legal requirements. And the conditions are the same for everyone. First of all, it concerns the payment of taxes. Only when complying with all the established rules, can the operator safely operate without the risk of being blocked.
  • An official document licensing the activities is required for local operators, foreign Internet resources can operate without a license from the local regulatory authority, and there are no requirements for them accordingly.
  • Countries where there is no regulatory activity of any kind. Oddly enough, this group is the largest. This includes mainly African countries, some from North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

It is for this reason that players need to know if it is safe to gamble where they are, what the rules are regarding online gambling in their country of residence, and what the consequences might be for tourists who have violated local gambling laws.

How Countries Regulate Gambling

Cyprus. Gambling in general is not prohibited in Cyprus, its individual aspects are subject to regulation, which imposes certain obligations and restrictions on the owners of online casinos. In particular, when it comes to betting and gambling in Cypriot online casinos, Cypriot law makes a clear distinction between land-based and online gambling, directly imposing an obligation on the interested operator to obtain a license for the relevant gaming activity. The main local regulator is the Cyprus Gambling and Casino Supervisory Commission, which issues licenses.

Canada. There are no clear rules in Canadian law regarding online gambling, although it is not illegal. The current law has no jurisdiction over online gambling and does not prohibit any websites or companies. 

Britain. Britain strictly regulates gambling in all its forms and has a commission that issues and revokes licenses for gambling companies and websites.

In the European Union, operators of foreign web gambling resources operate in accordance with EU legislation. But not all countries are happy with the fact that foreign online casinos do not pay taxes to local budgets. Some of them, going against the requirements of the EU, put the operators from other jurisdictions under their own rules, forcing them to issue a local license and pay taxes to the local treasury. These countries include France, Germany, Italy. 

Malta. Maltese law is quite liberal for operators and players, they are aimed at protecting the two sides of the relationship, as well as to ensure fair and transparent gaming. Operators are given the opportunity to offer a wide range of entertainment. There are also no restrictions on the types of software, which gives them the freedom to choose the best platform for their online business. There is only one condition – Malta casino online must have a mandatory MGA license and pay the appropriate taxes.

To sum up the general availability of online gambling in the world:

Partial prohibitions Permitting Prohibiting Fully permissive
32 powers forbid local companies to operate without official permission, but foreign companies are free to operate. These are Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Monaco, and Greece. 32 powers provide the ability to operate only with a license issued at the place of business. Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain. 28 countries have imposed a ban on local residents to play gambling entertainment, as well as block local online casinos, but allow foreign operators to be present on the market even without an official license. Australia. 93 countries do not control online gambling and do not issue licenses. Bolivia, Uruguay, Egypt, Kenya.

To summarize the general state of world gambling, it can be said that the general legislation in the world does not have an unambiguous vision on its regulation. Legislative bodies of some countries apply strict ways of control, as a result of which companies cannot operate. Some prefer to impose partial bans, which, although they allow the operation of the market, severely limit the possibilities. Well, some countries provide quite comfortable conditions for doing this kind of business.

You can read about what problems can arise with gambling around the world at the following link Therefore, before you play, every player should always ask how legal online establishments in his country, and what the consequences may be for breach of the law.

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