7 Must-See Sports Betting Documentaries

7 Must-See Sports Betting Documentaries
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Every player needs a break from gambling and the best way to consume your free time is by watching documentaries on sports betting. Here are seven must-see sports betting documentaries that will enhance betting knowledge through realistic stats. And if you like betting and casinos, we highly recommend you one of the slot games available in Gclub casino. You can find it be searching for คาสิโนจีคลับin Google.

But did you know what Sports betting documentaries is?

Well! The documentary is a non-fictional film that is based on the aspect of reality and made for educational purposes with a pinch of entertainment. Sports betting documentaries teach how to make lots of money with relevant information. It contains all the insights and proven statistics of the professionals and how they think and operate. 

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So, betting documentaries can be helpful to know about sports gambling in a very short video. In that regard, we have mentioned the best sports documentaries you must watch in your free time.

Top 7 Sports Betting Short Films You Must Watch

Watching movies is always the most entertaining source in human life, and documentaries are a combination of knowledge and entertainment. Let’s reveal the list of the top seven must-see sports betting documentaries that can blow your mind through their stories.

1) The Legend Of Jimmy The Greek

The Legend Of Jimmy The Greek is a documentary based on the career of Jimmy Synder, a professional gambler. This movie is a perfect combination of reporting, analysis, predictions, and talent. Jimmy Synder once helped the legitimate betting in NFL games by finding ways to provide a point spread during pre-game shows.

The movie was the first telecast on ESPN in the early 1980s and gained popularity because Jimmy was both dramatic and swift when he finally crossed the mark. It was directed by the Fritz Mitchell, Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, and gained a 6.5 IMDb rating

2) Fantasy Sports Gambling By Frontline

This film is a full investigation documentary into fantasy sports and online sports betting in New York. The movie gives you information about the law enforcement upon the sports betting and the downfall of gambling at that time. The story also showcases the uprising and how the sports betting business became popular worldwide.

If you want to know about sports gambling and how this market operates, this is the ideal documentary you must watch. A Frank Koughan-directed movie, ‘Fantasy Sports Gambling’, held the IMDb rating of 6.7 stars out of 10 and was written by Walt Bogdanich and Frank Koughan.

3) Sports Betting: The Story Of Billy Walters

This is a 60 minutes episode about sports betting and an exclusive interview of a famous bettor Billy Walter. It is the story of how Walter began his betting career and what strategies he used to apply to win. 

The documentary starts by following Walter’s day on how he bet on sports and visited his favorite sportsbooks to watch the game. It’s very interesting to see him calm and collected even when his wagers go down.

Finally, he reveals all the secrets he used to apply to win any game and why he thinks sports betting is more like investing than gambling. Through his experience and smart playing, you can also learn gambling basics and apply them to your gameplay.

4) The Best Of It By Scott Pearson Eberly

‘The Best of It’ is a documentary that focuses on the dark side of the sports betting industry. This is the story of four professional bettors, namely Alan Denkenson, Alan Dvorkis, Lem Banker, and ken Weitzner, who reputed themselves as experts. It also showcases the ups and downs of the betting career of the main characters by focusing on details about the 2010 NCAA basketball competition.

The life of the gamblers has become so worse that one of the bettors called Ken Weitzner, committed suicide with his wife a few weeks after being interviewed for the film. Due to heavy losses, the bettor went into depression and couldn’t control the emotions and situation and took the step.

5) Now Place Your Bets

‘Now Place Your Bet’ tells us about the history of sports betting in America. It is out breaking film that details the dramatic rise of sports gambling in Las Vegas and showcases the growth of the million-dollar industry worldwide. It accounts for all the footage and photographs, and in-depth interviews of the players are available at that time. 

“Now Place Your Bets” highlights the key events and milestones that shape the sports betting market. It is a full entertainment documentary that highlights the crime, cooperative interest, and involvement of the US government.

The film was directed and written by Dennis Tobler, starer Pete Rose, and John Whelihan and is available on Amazon Prime Video.

6) The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting (2017)

This documentary focuses on the soccer games and sports betting involved in Europe. Though sports betting is legal in many parts of Europe, there are still many cases of match-fixing and wagering happening in football matches.

The documentary showcase such stories and also tells about the famous football leagues and European tournaments. You will notice all the criminal activities and match-fixing, and Government is dealing with these problems.

7) Life On The Line (2013) By Isaac Feder

Life on the Lime explores the betting industry of Las Vegas with the connection of the biggest sporting betting event in the world called the Super Bowl. This documentary features some professional sports bettors, bookmakers, and handicappers from within the city. Additionally, it also tells us about their betting process during the Super Bowl XLV, which has become one of the most important sports betting events in the United States.

Bottom Line

Betting can be a fun way to earn money, but it can become the neckbone if you are greedy much more than you accept. These movies do the same thing and spread awareness of sports gambling and its causes. The above documentaries give you the knowledge of the good and bad aspects of sports betting. 

So, if you want to become a professional in the sports betting industry, these documentaries film can be the best case studies. They will teach you about gambling and the mistakes that bettors generally make while placing a bet.

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