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Best 11 Actors Who Made Memorable Movie Cameos with One Line in 2023

Best 11 Actors Who Made Memorable Movie Cameos with One Line in 2023

One-line surprises in movies can often steal the show and leave a lasting impact on audiences. Picture this: in the legendary movie The Waterboy, Rob Schneider, completely covered in dirt, pops up out of thin air and shouts “you can do it!” This hilarious one-liner has a way of sticking in people’s minds, outshining even the longest speeches by other actors. There’s just something undeniably amusing about a well-known star embracing a small, silly part in a film, and this winning formula never fails to captivate and delight viewers.

Now, let’s dive into some of the most unforgettable surprise appearances by famous personalities in movies, where their mission was simply to deliver one memorable line.

1. Martin Sheen Appears In ‘Hot Shots: Part Deux’ Just To Tell Charlie Sheen ‘I Loved You In Wall Street’

Martin Sheen Appears In 'Hot Shots: Part Deux' Just To Tell Charlie Sheen 'I Loved You In Wall Street'
The genius behind the hilarious Airplane comedy went all out with the meta-Hollywood humor in the sequel to Hot Shots, called Hot Shots: Part Deux. And let me tell you, one of the highlights of this list is the cameo that takes the cake. Picture this: Charlie Sheen’s character comes across a boat with none other than Martin Sheen’s character from Apocalypse Now.

Now, here’s where it gets truly meta. As they sail past each other, both Sheens point at one another and simultaneously shout, “I loved you in Wall Street!” Can you believe it? It doesn’t get any more self-referential than that.

2. Charlton Heston Appears In ‘Wayne’s World 2’ Just To Give Wayne Directions (And Moves Him To Tears)

Charlton Heston Appears In 'Wayne's World 2' Just To Give Wayne Directions (And Moves Him To Tears)
Charlton Heston, the iconic Hollywood actor renowned for his roles in movies like The Ten Commandments, The Omega Man, and Planet of the Apes, surprised audiences with a late-career appearance in Wayne’s World 2. In this film, he played the role of a gas station attendant.

During one scene, the original attendant fails to deliver his one line effectively. Wayne, the main character, breaks the fourth wall and humorously questions whether they can find a better actor for the role. To everyone’s surprise, the crew brings in Heston himself.

In a surprising twist, Heston’s simple “directions” morph into a powerful and emotional monologue about a lost love from his past. The intensity of his performance is so captivating that it moves Wayne to tears, as well as the audience watching the film.

3. Huey Lewis Appears In ‘Back to the Future’ To Tell Marty His Band Is Too Loud

Huey Lewis Appears In 'Back to the Future' To Tell Marty His Band Is Too Loud
The awesome musician Huey Lewis, from the band Huey Lewis and the News, actually makes a cool appearance in Back to the Future. He plays a high school teacher who auditions Marty’s band, The Pinheads, for the school talent show.

While they rock out to a more intense version of Huey Lewis’ hit song “The Power of Love” (which, by the way, is also the theme song for the movie), Lewis’s character interrupts them and kindly points out that they’re just “a tad too loud.”

4. Hugh Jackman Appears In ‘X-Men: First Class’ Just To Tell Young Erik And Charles ‘Go F Yourself’

Hugh Jackman Appears In 'X-Men: First Class' Just To Tell Young Erik And Charles 'Go F Yourself'
X-Men: First Class marked a significant moment for X-Men fans, being the first complete film in the franchise since the divisive X-Men: The Last Stand back in 2006.

This movie served as a prequel, setting the stage for the events that would lead up to the original X-Men trilogy. With this in mind, it was truly thrilling to witness the appearance of Hugh Jackman’s iconic Wolverine character in the film. However, his cameo was brief but impactful, as he delivered a memorable line, telling young Erik and young Charles to go “f***” themselves in his one and only scene.

5. Marcel Marceau, The Legendary Mime, Appears In Mel Brooks’ ‘Silent Movie’ Just To Speak The Film’s Only Word

Marcel Marceau, The Legendary Mime, Appears In Mel Brooks' 'Silent Movie' Just To Speak The Film's Only Word
Mel Brooks’ Silent Movie is a clever flick that takes a meta approach. It revolves around a Hollywood director, played by Brooks himself, who’s desperate to revive his dwindling career. His plan? Convince his studio to produce a classic silent film, even though it’s the mid-1970s. In a bold move, the film ditches dialogue and opts for intertitles instead.

Interestingly, the only spoken word in the entire film comes from none other than the legendary mime Marcel Marceau. Picture this: Brooks calls up Marceau, hoping to recruit him for his movie. But Marceau’s response, loud and clear, is a resounding “Non!” Talk about irony!

To add to the hilarity, Brooks’s friends inquire about what Marceau said. In a witty retort, Brooks simply shrugs and admits, “I don’t know – I don’t speak French.” Classic Brooks humor at its finest.

6. Bob Hope Appears In ‘Spies Like Us’ Just To Ask The Characters ‘Mind If I Play Through?’ While Golfing In The Desert

Bob Hope Appears In 'Spies Like Us' Just To Ask The Characters 'Mind If I Play Through?' While Golfing In The Desert
Legendary English comedian Bob Hope, known for his Road To… film series, had a brief moment in the 1985 Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd comedy film Spies Like Us. In this film, while Chase’s and Aykroyd’s characters are chilling in a tent in the desert, a golf ball suddenly appears out of nowhere. And guess who shows up? Hope himself, casually strolling in, playing a game of golf in the middle of the desert. He coolly asks, “Mind if I play through?” before expertly hitting the ball back out of the tent.

Now, this cameo is a clever tribute to Hope’s Road series of films. You see, in those movies, random characters would pop up, say a line or two, and then disappear from the scene, just like this golf-loving funnyman did in Spies Like Us.

7. Cheech Marin Appears In ‘Ghostbusters II’ Just To Say ‘Better Late Than Never’ When The Titanic Arrives

Cheech Marin Appears In 'Ghostbusters II' Just To Say 'Better Late Than Never' When The Titanic Arrives
Cheech Marin, you know, the dude from that hilarious stoner comedy team Cheech and Chong, actually made a little cameo in Ghostbusters II. He played a dock supervisor who totally freaks out when he spots the ghostly Titanic pulling up to the docks in New York City.

And get this, the ship has this massive hole in it from where it got smacked by that infamous iceberg! So there he is, our buddy Cheech, just standing there in complete disbelief. And what does he say? He drops the film’s most epic line: “Well, better late than never.”

I mean, seriously, can you imagine witnessing something like that? It’s no wonder Cheech’s character is so dumbfounded. But hey, at least he managed to come up with a pretty clever phrase on the spot, right?

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger Appears In ‘The Rundown’ Just To Tell Dwayne Johnson ‘Have Fun’

Arnold Schwarzenegger Appears In 'The Rundown' Just To Tell Dwayne Johnson 'Have Fun'
Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be the beloved giant of Hollywood until Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson came along and took over in the 2000s. In the action-comedy movie The Rundown, Johnson plays a skilled bounty hunter who encounters a random guy at a bar, played by Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger’s character smirks at Johnson and casually tells him to “have fun.”

This scene can be seen as a symbolic passing of the torch from one generation’s action star to the next. It signifies the transition of the title of Hollywood’s most lovable man-giant from Schwarzenegger to Johnson.

9. Bob Saget Appears In ‘Half-Baked’ As A Recovering Addict Who Just Gets Mad At Dave Chappelle For Claiming He’s Addicted To Pot

Bob Saget Appears In 'Half-Baked' As A Recovering Addict Who Just Gets Mad At Dave Chappelle For Claiming He's Addicted To Pot
Bob Saget, the beloved TV dad from Full House, surprised fans with an unexpected appearance in Dave Chappelle’s hilarious stoner comedy, Half Baked. In the film, Saget plays a recovering cocaine addict, adding a unique twist to his clean-cut image as Danny Tanner.

In one memorable scene, Chappelle’s character enters rehab for his supposed marijuana addiction, causing outrage among the more serious drug addicts. Frustrated by their reaction, Saget’s character boldly declares, “Marijuana is not a drug!” He then shockingly admits to engaging in questionable activities to fuel his own addiction, including trading sexual favors for cocaine. To top it off, he challenges Chappelle, asking if he has ever gone to such extremes for his so-called “addiction.”

Interestingly, Saget happened to be filming another movie in close proximity to the Half Baked set. When approached to record this line as a fun and lighthearted joke, he gladly agreed. Little did he know that this throwaway line would stick with him for over two decades. Even today, people on the street still shout out this iconic line to him, a testament to the enduring impact of his brief but memorable role in the film.

10. Henry Winkler Appears In ‘Little Nicky’ Just To Be Covered In Bees

Henry Winkler Appears In 'Little Nicky' Just To Be Covered In Bees
Little Nicky features a bunch of awesome cameos, including Ozzy Osbourne and Quentin Tarantino. However, the one that really cracks me up is Henry Wrinkler’s brief appearance in the film.

So, after Adian (played by Rhys Ifans) takes over as the ruler of Hell, he throws this massive party in Central Park. And guess who he summons to join the fun? The Fonz himself, Henry Wrinkler! It’s all good vibes until Wrinkler greets everyone with a cheerful “good evening!” and then Adrian decides to punish him by unleashing a swarm of bees. I mean, he is the devil incarnate, right?

11. Rob Schneider Appears In ‘The Waterboy’ Just To Keep Yelling Out ‘You Can Do It!’

Rob Schneider Appears In 'The Waterboy' Just To Keep Yelling Out 'You Can Do It!'
It just wouldn’t be an Adam Sandler movie without the famous Rob Schneider cameo, where he’s known for his iconic line “You can do it!” One of the memorable instances of this is in The Waterboy, where Schneider plays a local townie who enthusiastically cheers on Sandler’s character from the audience, constantly shouting those encouraging words.

Since then, Schneider’s cameo and catchphrase have become a regular feature in Sandler’s films. Not only did he reprise his role in movies like Little Nicky, The Longest Yard, Bedtime Stories, Click, and 50 First Dates, but his appearance and the popular quote have become a trademark of Sandler’s movies.

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