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      Its shit to cancel Reign when its about one of the only appropriate shows left that is actually decent and exciting. shows like x on the beach and teen mom could be cancelled those shows are shit.

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      Tonight’s TV
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      you can not cancel this show I km
      now over 1oooo,s of people love this show since it has hit m
      Netflix please continue

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      Come on, so tired of these shows not finishing playing out. You have to bring it back! This show has so many people watching on Netflix and cannot end in season 5. Bring it back!!
      This is just another way you all mess with our minds get us involved in these shows anticipate the next seasons that you drag out so long in between then cancel on the fans. This show
      Was a great show to watch with the family now it’s gone without even finishing out the story completely! Come on!

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      Please bring back reign.

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      such a good show and very educational. please bring back the show

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      Daun Burke

      Please please please bring back Reign. I have been binge watching for days and need to know how this plays out!!!!

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      Leticia Gomez

      I agree ,this show needs to be brought back one of the best shows you had and now your taking it away. Please bring it back!!!!!

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      Maria duarte

      I hope there will be a season5 to continue out where they left off. Then the Queen Elizabeth and the son of queeen Mary what happens then

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      Please please bring back Reign! So much reality tv, such few truly good shows! Bing watched four seasons. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 were amazing!!!!

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