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      Tonight’s TV
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      Judy Blinkenberg

      This is the only show that I watch of my husbands shows. Please put this new season on tv.

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      Please release mountain men season 6, one of the best shows for the whole family.

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      Lashunda collins

      I love this show please renew it

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      Mary Haas

      Please renew this terrific show. Great for the whole family.

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      Lori Simmons

      Mountain Men is my husbands favourite TV show and I enjoy watching it too even though I’m not totally ‘countrified’. Hopefully you are planning on a season 6 ????

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      Lori Simmons

      Mountain Men is my husbands favourite TV show and I enjoy watching it too even though I’m not totally ‘countrified’. Hopefully you are planning on a season 6 ????

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      Bertha wilson

      I love mountain men but I have a hard time with the time and day it shows .please put them on again.

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      Richard coleman

      My wife and I really miss mountain is a wholesome show for the whole family.
      Please renew!!!!!

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      Alan Bowser

      For years my wife and I have really enjoyed watching Mountain Men. It is a series that is interesting and very enlightening. Please renew it and get it back on the air so we can enjoy seeing what these folks must do to survive in the wild. Thank you.

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      Barbara Haag

      Please renew. Very interesting, educating and entertaining show. I too would like to be updated on Morgan’s story.

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      Tom Bennett

      I’ve been waiting for season 6 to start only to find it’s been put on hold. Please renew this program and I know that I speak for a lot of people who wish it’s return.

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      David Sales

      Please bring us more Mountain Men!

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      Please you need to renew mountain men it’s a aawesome show. We love watching this program. Not many programs fit to watch on t.v.this is one of the good ones. Hope you renew soon. Thank you.

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      Mountain men is a awesome program. Please renew it soon. Love it

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      Rich Perkins

      Please renew Mountain Men for season 6 and hopefully beyond. This is a great family show which provides an insight to the challenges facing modern day mountain men and their families. The show is one of only a very few that my entire family looks forward to watching together. Please continue to uphold the quality of The History Channel and renew Mountain Men!!!

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      Lonnie Tanner

      Mountain Men is a great show that me and the wife love to watch. I hope that there will be a season 6.

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      Susi Schuchard

      Don’t renew Mountain Men. Doing so would imply that TV network executives have an ounce of common sense and actually pay attention to what viewers want to watch and enjoy with their families.

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      Mary Ring

      Please renew Mountain Men. Love the show. Thanks.

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      Please do not cancel Mountain Men. This is an interesting and educational show. Thank you.

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      In todays world, watching these people live honestly, hard working, and good tv, this show needs to be renewed. We need it!!

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      Shane bryant

      Me and my wife really enjoy this show just look at the response and it will speak for its self !!!!

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      Carolyn riddle

      Please renew Mountain Men! My husband and I really enjoy this show and the cast.

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      Please renew Mountain Men. It is an excellent show! This is one of very few shows that I feel comfortable allowing my grandchildren to watch. It is very educational and shows the grandchildren the world beyond video games! My grandson is showing an interest in bow hunting because of this show.

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      Roberto Martinez

      I respectfully request that you folks of the History Channel renew season six of Moutain men!

      This my favorite show on television and I always look forward to each episode as it airs each season. Moutain Men is a decent show for the whole family to watch and enjoy. Television already airs way too many immoral shows. Please don’t take away a rare show of decenty, quality morals and values!

      I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Northern New Mexico and can relate to and how these men live to survive.

      I also ask that you feature Kyle Bell once again?

      Your consideration is greatly appreciated!

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      Edmund L Kruse

      Mountain Men is one of the best shows on television. Please renew this series.

    • #46653
      Della Stelle

      We enjoy montain men, more then any other show .now we are watching reruns .don’t much care for Morgan.but please start it soon
      Love tom and Nancy.

    • #46654
      Nancy Cox

      Please renew Mountain Men. This show is a show the whole family can watch and learn about what it takes to live in the wilderness. I would give it a five star rating. PLEASE RENEW !!

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      R. Seriel

      I look forward to this show. It’s panoramic views of the wilds. It’s instructive, and enjoyable at the same time. These are true American pioneers, pull themselves up by the bootstraps. We need more shows like this for our youngsters to become self sufficient and independent. Please schedule this show.

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      Mary Rooney

      Omg I cannot believe History is not releasing season 6 of Mountain Men it is my husband and I most favourite programme. We have just finished season 5 and I went online to see when the new season was starting but I am shocked it has been put on hold. Is there a reason for this? Please bring it back. Thank you.

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      My husband and I watch it together like many of these other people. When we found out it hadn’t been renewed, he said “figures, a show that everyone can watch and enjoy, they won’t put back on”. Who makes these decisions???

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      Bonnie Glenn

      Come on executives! Quit stalling and bring back the new season of Mountain Men! It’s one of the best shows on TV. I’m so sick of most of the network programming, I really look forward to a few favorite shows that aren’t like all the other run-of-the-mill shows! Mountain Men is great! Please approve and bring us the new season! Thank you!

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      Willie R.Bragg

      I have watched mountain men from day one. I look forward every week for it to come on. One of my favorite shows. On pins and needles now waiting for my show. Don’t disappoint me please.

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      matthew DeLaria

      This is one of my favorite shows, and my girls love it too, they always want to trap like Marty and Tom please bring this show back we really miss it

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      Tammie Bible

      My 15yr old son and spent quality time with Mountain men. It’s a good wholesome show.

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      Joe Dorris

      Come on and bring on season 6 of Mountain Men, it’s the best . We look forward to it

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      Please renew the Mountain Men show, it’s an excellent family show and we all enjoy watching it.

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      Please bring Mountain Men back as it is The Beast programe on History. It out strips all the rest. This is about People surviving of the land and making a living. Most enjoyable

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      Donna Shetley

      Love this show. One of the best shows on TV.

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      Conrad good

      Please renew the Mountain Men show…. Followed it since it’s inception really enjoy it.

      If you gotta cur something in My opinion the Curse of Oak Island would never be missed in my world followed by Swamp people. The History channel figures most prominently in my TV lineup.

    • #46667
      Sharon Godsoe

      Love this show and looked forward to it every week. Please, please renew!!

    • #46668

      My whole family enjoys this show. Hoping for another season!

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      Jim Santi

      Take a hard look at the programming on tv and you will see nothing worth much to watch. Mountain Men is worth watching by the entire family. I must have turned on a dozen people to this great entertainment. Give it another thought. Schedule season 6 to start soon.

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      Ann and Al Allen

      PLEASE keep Mountain Men on the air. It is one of the best shows on TV!!

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      John Surratt

      Please renew Mountain Men its a educational program and very honest and hard work, it shows our children the true value of teamwork, communications, honest hard work and family values.

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      Please bring back Mountain Men series 6 this is the best History Channel programme ever. Real life people living off the land working hard for a living. Its a privilege to learn about the traditional methods used by Eustace, Tom and Nancy etc . Fantastic series deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
      Please renew as soon as possible.

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      Robert Stevens

      I live across the river from Tom and Nancy. This is a very special place to call home.

    • #57272
      Dave and Marie Cowley

      My husband and I love to watch Mountain Men. We know it is a great show. My sister in law also loves the show. This program is one if the few that she watches. We all can’t believe that it has been put on hold. Please our our favorite show back in the air.

    • #57589

      Very sorry to hear ‘Mountain Men’ was put on hold. Hope you all are just trying to
      test the water or something and any day a return date will pop up. Really I don’t know anyone who doesn’t watch it. Not much to watch for many months

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      K pare

      Where is Zmountain Men. Our Favorite all time tv program. Please bring it back for more seasons. Love it

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