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      Tonight’s TV
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      It is one of the best tv shows in Canada, seen via PBS USA. It is not overdone, the acting is superb, the storyline riveting and it would be a huge loss not to have more episodes, in light of there being so much rubbish on tv, this program is at the top of my list of ‘must see’

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      I loved Home fires; can’t wait to see what happens next

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      Charles and Janice Carter

      There is so much more to be told. Masterpiece continues to show extraordinar programs that are produced in the UK. “Homefires” rates among the best and should continue to tell its compelling story. We cannot wait to hear of the opening date of Season Three.

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      Joan marzano

      Please bring Homefires back, I love it!

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      Greta Jackson

      You CAN’T leave us hanging like this. Please bring this show back. SOON.

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      Sharon Rosansky

      Masterpiece shines through with Home Fires a capitaviting and wonderful series covering all levels of War, Romance, Abuse and Faith. The costumes, characters, countryside are superb making this series unprecedented. The ratings would be far higher if a member of Prime could easily find this remarkable film, I just found this film and would have watched it when it commenced.
      Looking so forward to Season III, please have faith and keep this film moving along, very inspiring. Thanks for all your hard work! HATS OFF

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      Deborah Weisenfluh

      Please bring Home Fires back. I can’t wait to see who survives the plane crash. It’s unfair to keep viewers hanging. The story is amazing. So many unanswered questions.

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      Kathryn Brandes

      I don’t understand why the conclusion of this program cannot be aired. Season Two ended with so many unsettled questions.

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      Sharon B.

      Please bring Home Fires back. It’s a lovely show with wonderful acting. The first episode of season one pulled me right in to the story. I feel emotionally invested with the characters and want to see what happens. What a great cast!

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      Barbara M

      >>> Home Fires is magnificent.<<<
      It is a fabulous series and it deserves to be finished, to tell the “rest of the story”.
      I want to know what happens to Pat, Noah, Mrs. Cameron, Stephanie, and the other wonderful people in Great Paxton. And Bob, not at all wonderful.

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