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      Tonight’s TV
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      Ingrid Rosenback

      I just finished the third season tonight on Netflix. I’m so immersed in this drama. Please let me know if and when it continues.

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      Harriet Riley

      Please let me know when and if Hinterland Season 4 will begin on Netflix. Thank you!

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      Wonderful series. I did not know what the word Hinderland meant. The characters are well developed and believable. More, please more!

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      Norma Hubbard

      Hinterland was one of my favorite series …very disappointing no season 4 on the horizon .The acting was so believable and the scenery and photography was amazing . Also writers have great skills could not stop watching ..

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      Peggy Heathcock

      One of the best series around! Down to earth, acting is measured and great; looking forward to another season.

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      William Holmes

      Just finished watching Season 3. One of the best series we’ve watched. Excellent plot and character development in the noir style. Believable characters with the backdrop of the Welsh countryside. Looking forward to the next season.

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      Russell Mihills

      We just finished Season 3 tonight. This is one of the best shows on TV. We loved it and look forward to another season!!

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      Maureen Valley

      Oh, God….I hope there is a Season Four of Hinterland. In addition to Tom looking like my son Christopher’s twin….we love the plot…sub plots….stellar acting…superb directing and exceptional writing. Such quality programming. Hoping beyond hope….there is more to come.
      Greetings from Minnesota

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      Joe Martin

      Best detective series on Netflix. Hoping for Season 4!

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      Suzanne Bredemeier

      The drama Hinterland is a high quality piece of television theatre. In our culture of deteriorating intellect and mindless dumbing down, it is refreshing to see that good theatre with some meat on its bones is possible. Season 4 would be a sight for sore eyes.

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      Tina Calhoun

      A fantastic show! Thank you Netflix for introducing us to Hinterland! We are so impressed with the life like acting and the uniqueness of every story. Brilliant series. Please bring it back. We watched the last episode tonight.

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      Janice Hancock

      Just finished watching the last episode of Hinterland…PLEASE tell me there is a season 4!!! We have thoroughly enjoyed this complex and deliciously dark drama with the incredible cast and unbelievable scenery. Thanks to whoever brought this to Netflix.

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      Bring it back please. Great show

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      Marielena Blanca

      I had no idea Season 3 would end after so few episodes! I was trying to make it last! I LOVE this series and can’t say strongly enough how much I want it to return for multiple future series! Please bring it back. I have been totally immersed in its superb acting, scripts, and beautiful scenery. Definitely my favorite series on Netflix!

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      Mary Sinclair

      We need Hinterland to continue.
      Excellent series and actors.
      More please!!

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      I love Hinterland! Watching it now on PBS. Waiting for the the final episode of Season 3 next Friday! Cannot wait but am also not wanting for it to finish. PLEASE bring us more – bring on Season 4! Produce Season 4! Please! This is such quality television and love to see a place we rarely see – Wales! Fantastic! Don’t leave us without such quality television! Need this. Want this.

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      Amy Gallagher

      This is an excellent series. We couldn’t get enough of it! We truly hope there will be a Season 4 and beyond.

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      I wish this program would go on forever! It is riveting. The story line is always intelligent and well-thought out. The actors/characters and believable and very, VERY good. I feel like there are so many levels to this program and I love to watch it and then, my daughter and I discuss what was done by whom and why. It makes us think. We love it! PLEASE make a Season 4!!!

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      Love this show!. Watch it over and over. Please make a Season 4.

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      What a brilliant show! Loved it! Lloyd was my favourite character and I want him to have more story lines. Also, really loved Tom’s performance. Want series 4 more than anything I have ever wanted before!! x

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      Love Hinterland, hope season 4 is coming soon and that Netflix will pick it up. Loved the characters and the way they have built that special relationship that really gets the audience involved . Great scenery and love the Welsh words and language incorporated into the series as well. Great job all around.

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      I too, just finished Season 3 of Hinterland. More please! It’s a great series.

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      Sandra McKee

      Please, please, please, bring back this show. I found it on Netflix and I power watched it in 4 days. This is too good of a show to let it die out. Love all the actors,, the settings, the plots. Again, please let it continue.

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      Please bring Hinterland back to Netflix! I am binge watching for the second time and am anxious for new episodes. Acting is superb as is the relationship between the characters. The scenery is breath taking and I can’t get enough of this series. Please bring more episodes to Netflix.

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      Geri Cook

      Exemplary TV series. Compliments to the Cinematographer. Everyone else is superb.

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      Esther Lauzon

      Just finished watching the first three seasons on Netflix. Superb series. I hope that it will be renewed for a fourth season.

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      colin neve

      Best crime show I have ever watched. Superb acting,plots and scenery. Series 4 please!!

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