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      Avatar photoDerek Knightly
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      Our family is ADDICTED to Dr Jeff’s episodes… they are all recorded & we have watched each show MULTIPLE times … we ANXIOUSLY await Season 8… Can’t bear to think Dr Jeff & his beloved family, vets & techs! LOVE each person & every animal ever featured!
      Easley’s of Nashville, TN 🙂
      <3 <3 <3

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      MYLA Wilson

      I hope Dr Jeff’s show returns. Even though some episodes can be sad, it’s better than the news or some of today’s current events. Animals are universally beautiful; and, for the most, we treat them better than we treat each other. The show makes me calm, and warms my heart every time. Please provide update and bring it back.

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      i hope dr jeff’s show return… i LOVE HIS SHOW… MELT TO MY HEART ..MANY OTHER

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      Tania Kurman

      I hope to see Dr. Jeff, It’s one of my favorite show!!!!

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      Rose Ortel

      How can i make a donation to Dr Jeff to continue helping people who don’t have the funds to care for their animals

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      Diana Cooper

      I hope Dr. Jeff returns soon. I watch ALL the animal shows but he is my favorite. I look often to see if there is news of him returning. I do hope he is well.

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      Barbara Ottinger

      I hope Dr. Jeff returns soon. It is my favorite!

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      Dianne Hanf

      We love watching Dr Jeff and would be very happy to hear the show is going to stay on.

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      karla kirk

      i hope the show returns. it is one of my favorite shows on the animal planet, i also watch the vet series with the 3 vets in houston that are friends. they are just funny, but they also take good care of the fur babies. i can’t for the life of me remember the name of that show. i hope both shows return soon.

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      Can’t wait for the Season 8 to start. Dr. Jeff is an important show and helps so many people become more aware of pet health issues.

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      We are anxiously waiting for the next season! We love the show— Please bring it back!

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      Dr Jeff does all types of orthopedic procedures that most vets ( like Dr Pol) do not. The show is so diverse, including the spay and neuter clinics. Please come back!

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      R Davidson

      I agree with the above. I pray that dr Jeff and his wonderful staff will return. Can’t imagine that any network would even think of hesitating their renewal!!
      I’m disabled, 69 & pinch every penny I get ahold of but when my little Huny Mutt developed what I thought a large lipoma, I took her to the vet. After a $100 checkup, I was told she has a lipoma & the surgery would be extensive and expensive. I’m searching for a low cost vet in the area – could use your prayers.
      Every state needs a Dr. Jeff!!

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      Kathleen LeBeau

      Dr. Jeff was our favorite show. I hope you consider putting this show on the air. It”s not only entertaining it”s also educational. We always looked forward to watching it.

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      Jeri Maupin

      I sure hope Dr Jeff returns for the 8th season and many more. It is one of the few Feel Good shows on tv.
      I can’t imagine what criticism anyone could have. He is one of the very good guys left and we need more like him, not less.

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      So want dr Jeff to come back on at a time I can watch it I watched it every morning really miss it don’t care for the stuff that took his place

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      Barb Stephens

      So want dr Jeff to come back on at a time I can watch it I watched it every morning really miss it don’t care for the stuff that took his place

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      I love Dr Jeff. I have him on auto record. I watch a lot of his previous shows because they are so interesting. I hope the new season announcement will come out very soon.

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      Please please please put the show back on,,

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      Renew Dr Jeff for petes sake, we love it. And you can cut back on Northwoods Law and Pitbulls!

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      Steph VL

      Love Dr Jeff, his wife, staff and the crew. The show is one of the best on TV. I pray they return for an 8th season. I do understand needing a break though with such a busy practice, traveling to help others, and health issues. Please come back.

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      K Van Sickle

      Great show. Of all reality tv, this one seems to actually be real. Love it!

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      Diane Noecker

      Please renew Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet for it’s 8th season. That is MY FAVORITE Animal Planet show. You keep canceling all of the worthwhile shows. I will stop watching your chanel if Dr Jeff is not renewed.

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      He’s one of my favorite shows!! I sure hope it’s 8th season comes soon!!🙏🙂

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      MaryAnn Jackson

      I keep waiting for Animal Planet to announce when Dr Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet show will return. My grand children love watching. I think it teaches them to be kind to all animals & to care for them. Please show season 8 & more!

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      Gayle Peavy

      Please bring back Dr Jeff. He is so much better than some of your other shows. The best veterinarian and so is Dr Petra. Have been looking every week for him.

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      Why wouldn’t it come back? There are a lot of animal shows on tv but I enjoy this one the most. It’s already august it’s an easy yes or no it will be back

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      Dora L Harste

      I hope they will bring back Dr Jeff. It is the best show on Animal Planet besides the Zoo shows. I will be upset if it is not renewed. Please bring it back.

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      Nancy Wims

      Great show. Love everything about it
      Hope it returns soon.❤️

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      absolutely, these people don’t know how lucky they are

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      Heidi DeWitt

      Bring Dr. Jeff and crew back please. There are no words for how he has stolen my heart. Please!

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      Nancy Wells

      One of The TOP “Life Enhancing” shows on All TV, social media, etc. of All Times!!!! You Betray the Mission of an Animal Welfare Calling, by Not being a “sound board” demanding Vets across the world put our fellow Creations 1st, not bank accounts, nor self glory, nor influence, Dictate the Quality of Love & Care Lavished upon those whose very Lives depend upon THEM. Apologize. Return the Shoe…..abiding by His decisions & requests. Thank You Dear God. for all these Vet Families. 😇🤗🥳

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      Please, Please bring Dr Jeff back. He is compassionate and truly loved.

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      I spoke with Dr Jeff’s office and they said Season 8 was already recorded, so why isn’t on the air?

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      Michael fino

      I spoke with Dr Jeff’s office , they said Season 8 was already filmed. So why isn’t it on the air,

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      Georgia Yount

      Dr. Jeff is my hero. I love the way he really loves animals and is willing to help people who can’t afford vet care! One of my favorite shows is the one where the homeless veteran couldn’t afford to have his dog’s broken leg fixed. Dr Jeff fixed the dog’s leg and told the veteran to pay him if he could. The man paid $10.00 each month until the bill was paid. This shows how compassionate and kind Dr. Jeff is. Please bring him back for season 8!

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      Love Vet Dr. Jeff. Best Animal Show on Animal Planet

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      Dora L Harste

      I hope Dr. Jeff comes back. It is a great show . He and his people are great at what they do to help people with their pets. I also glad that they go help other places to help other town vets that need help. I think that is great . You do not see any shows about other vets going out of their way to help other places with vets working with animals.
      I am a big fan of Dr. Jeff ‘s show. Do not let this go away.
      Dora Harste

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      Gale cannon

      Miss you dr Jeff and. Your family and staff so great. I. Do hope you can return. Wishing you have no pain

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      Liz Bates

      To me Dr Jeff is who all vets should strive to be. He is truly devoted to his patients and the people who love them, regardless of their financial situation, how many vets can say that?
      PLEASE bring this amazing show back on the air for season 8 and many more. Keeping him in the public eye will maybe encourage others to be more like him, maybe encourage a new generation of amazing vets, as passionate as he is.

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      I have been waiting for Dr. Jeff to return to TV as he is the best of all vet shows on TV. I agree with another comment: reduce the number of North Woods Law and Pit Bull/Parolees, and increase Dr. Jeff’s show. He is at the top of the list, and can’t be replaced. Huge fan!

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      Jacquelyn Ploor

      I agree totally with the person before me with less of North Woods Law, and Pit Bull/ Parolees. I really miss the Dr. Jeff show. Please renew the new season. Jeff helps so many people with their pets. We sure need a person like Dr Jeff in every state. He has a heart of gold. I can’t say enough about Dr Jeff, and his staff. They truly care about helping animals.

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      The Show with 3 veterinary friends us called The Vet Life

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      Dr. Jeff is our favorite show. we want his show back. we DO NOT watch animal planet now because you have not re issued his shows.

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      Diana Harrison

      Very anxious to hear when Dr. Jeff will return, please, This show is so heart warming and now adays we need shows like this!

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      Jayne Carpenter

      Please bring Dr Jeff back! I live for his shows. The new guys from Houston, bless them, just aren’t Dr Jeff!

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      Corinne Childs

      It is time to make a decision about Dr Jeff’s show! He is loved by so many people. Watching his show over and over again saved my sanity during the pandemic!! Please bring his show back!!

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      Margaret Kullman

      I agree with Corning Childs above and all the others. This show has been and is still helping me to get thru the pandemic and all of the worrisome things that are affecting our country and the rest of our world these days.

      I have watched each of the programs several times. I have always loved animals, and I admire your entire staff. They care for their patients with such compassion and love.

      I cannot wait to see Season 8. Also, I watch these shows on FUBO, but there are three seasons which are not among their recordings. Have all of your past seasons been released?

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      Michele Holderby

      My only regret is that Jeff’s practice is so far away from my home! I cannot imagine why AP has hesitated for a second in renewing this show. As a long time widow my dogs are my life, but my funds continue to dwindle as the years go by. It is so heart warming to watch how caring this vet and his staff are…to animals and their owners. It is so evident that their first concern is the animal and not lining their pockets. I watch every vet show on all the channels, and I have yet to find one as great as this one. I barely watch anything on your channel since his show ended. Please continue to carry this. I would also like to see the return of some animal rescue shows…such as animal cops, etc.

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      Betty Simons

      Love the show and enjoy watching reruns of past seasons.. Can’t wait for Season 8!

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      Brenda Ice

      Brenda Ice
      Dr. Jeff inspires me so much that I tell my daughter that should I ever need surgery to take me to Dr. Jeff. Please start season 8. I have watched all reruns numerous times. Watching the show with my granddaughter is one of my favorite activities. I pray that he and the show outlive me.

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      Judie Kelly

      Please bring Dr. Jeff back. Never ever an episode that isn’t interesting . The compassion of all who work there, we could only hope all vets were like him & his crew. I never get tired of the reruns. His show & Pit Bulls & Parolees..the Best. Tired of watching Tanked. Wildlife & animals so much more interesting & entertaining

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      I really hope and pray that Animal Planet will renew Dr. Jeff. It is a show I love to watch. I gave watched all of his programs many times. I can’t get enough of shows like Dr. Jeff. Dr. Jeff being my favorite of all show like this. He is an incredible veterinarian. I have learned so much watching him over the years. To not have his show renewed will be devastating for many of his viewers and client’s. What we need are more veterinarian’s like Dr. Jeff that are willing to help people who have pers that can’t afford to have their pet treated because the cost is so inflated. Dr. Jeff cares about the owner as well as their pet. He realizes how much the pet means to the owner and will still treat their pet even if that can’t afford to treatment. Dr. Jeff is an example of what a veterinarian should be like. His show should be renewed ever season without any questions at all. ANIMAL PLANET PLEASE RENEW DR. JEFF!!!!!

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      Mark Butler

      Just love Dr. Jeff. Best vet show on TV bar none. Please bring the show back.

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      Please bring dr Jeff back my entire family loves his show. I wish there was a vet like him around us. The way he treats animals is wonderful. He is so kind and respectful and treats them with the dignity they deserve

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      Saundra Kelley

      I cannot imagine Animal Planet shows without Dr. Jeff and his team. Love them, and their commitment to the animals who need them.

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      Melissa Webb

      Please renew Dr Jeff! We love the episodes and have watched every one from the beginning. We need less trash tv and more heartwarming shows like this. Our dogs are transfixed on every episode. Please!!??

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      Obviously Discovery could care less abt we who have loved Animal Planet programming, especially Dr Jeff. Has anyone really checked out the cheap , ridiculous, trashy shows that have been on Animal Planet lately?? Most not related to animals at all.

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      Obviously Discovery could care less abt we who have loved Animal Planet and the wonderful programming, especially Dr Jeff. Lately, every time I go to my “go to” Animal Planet” channel, I find nothing related to animals. These current programs may be fine on the Discovery channel or some other platform, but not on The Animal Planet.

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      Ellen L Kozak

      What a wonderful show Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet is. The care and commitment the entire staff brings to this program is truly amazing. A group of professionals that we all wish we could find in our own home towns. Thank you all for all you do and I hope we get to continue to see many more episodes in the future. This is the type of show that Animal Planet should be proud to promote and continue to bring to its fans.

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      Jayne McGeary

      I am anxiously waiting to see the new season of Dr Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet!!! This show is one of the very best on TV. Dr Jeff and his whole team are the kindest group of people on television and we need that right now. They are truly amazing, caring and dedicated people! If more people were like them the world would be a better place. Watching them weekly reminds us how people should be! Bring them back!!!

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      Jackie Allum

      You have to renew dr. Jeff me and my mom love this show we watch it every day please renew him. Loved from Canada.

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      Vet Life. I miss them. I loved the friend/family dynamics

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      Please bring back Dr. Jeff and staff! It is my favorite tv program.

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      Charletta Simmons

      I have loved this show from the day I first saw saw it. It’s informationale, interesting, not fake, and Dr Jeff and all of his staff also has caring and emotional, emphathee to the animals AND THEIR OWNERS. If his goes to another station then I WILL FOLLOW AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE NOT SEEN IT, Boy are you missing out!! Please watch at least one episode.
      Thank you

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      Wynonah Payne

      I too like Dr. Jeff so much. HIs show is so heart warming and I sure wish it would come back on. There’s not an awful lot of shows that are upbuilding. DO IT please

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      To Howell

      Please believe that Dr Jeff is not on now we love the show and we love keeping up with him because of his health also

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      To Howell

      Please believe that Dr Jeff is not on now we love the show and we love keeping up with him because of his health also this is my first time doing this

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      Linda Steigerwalt

      He’s back 3/26/22 at 8pm on animal planet! Why this site doesn’t know this is unreal as Dr Jeff even spoke about this live on Facebook! So this site is way behind

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