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      Best show ever please renew

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      Just found this show and I love it! Please renew. Everytime I find a show I like, it gets cancelled, ????

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      Debi McGregor

      I love Code Black! Please bring it back!!

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      Diane Rae

      My favorite show. Hard to believe that it may be cancelled. Please don’t.

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      Tonight’s TV
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      Phyllis B

      Pleased to know that Code Black will be returning for season 3. Sorry it takes second seat to the maudlin “situation comedies” that CBS seems to think are what the viewers want to see.

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      Pam Green

      Great show. Action packed and you never know what is going to happen next. One of the best show I’ve seen in years.

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      Lois DeLong

      Can’t wait for Code Black to come back on. Please let ous know the start date!

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      Linda Pelletier Driscoll

      when will Code Black be premiering?

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      Mike C

      Waiting for Code Black season 3. Please bring it back soon!!

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      Vicki D.

      When will Code Black stream Season 1 & 2 or have it available on DVD?? Love this show!

    • #56756
      Betsy Haines

      I absolutely love the show I wish they would take some of the comedies off the Kevin James one man with a plan one I think they are absolutely stupid but that’s just my opinion love Code Black.

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      To all waiting for the show to come back…if we want more we all need to get our friends and family watching. I love this series it’s a lot like ER but more graphic!!

    • #67287
      Helle Aarma

      I look forward to this show and I would love to see four more seasons.

    • #68197
      Jennifer McClanahan

      Code Black is one of the very best drama series and you cancel it? Really? You are crazy!! I hope another network picks it up!!

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      joanna gleason

      code black was wonderful and I have streamed all the medical show including 15 years of er. please give us another season! rob lowe is really good and improved the show when he came on. please someone give us season 4 and more.

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      joanna gleason

      please give more of code black. it is the best of all medical shows. it has great characters, riveting plots and interesting medical problems.

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      This is an awesome show and should be renewed. It is a good summer show. Please reconsidered and renew..

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      Finally a good show and CBS cancels it!!!!! BOO on CBS. Now I know why I don’t watch shows on CBS – they suck

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      Code Black was the BEST show on air!!! CBS was CRAZY for cancelling it. I really do HOPE someone else decides to bring it back. SHAME on YOU CBS. You had a great hit on your hands and you cancelled it. PLEASE SOMEONE BRING IT BACK.

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      Janis bursford

      I loved all seasons of this show… had it all…funny sad fast paced ….the side story lines that went on alongside the main ones. So why has it been cancelled. With so much rubbish on tv these days this one was a winner. I hope another tv station will pick it up.

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      Lainey Ball

      I love This show… Such a ckiff hanger season 3 and now it is cancelled. Almost every show I cried and I sat on the edge of my seat! Shame on you CBS.

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      I knew there was a reason why I don’t watch CBS.
      They cancel EVERY good show out there. Done
      with CBS.

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      Raquel Sanchez

      Code Black better than this new hospital shows to me . BRING IT BACK!!!

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