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      Avatar photoDerek Knightly
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      Raymond Gillett

      Bad Chad is fantastic, it would be great to take some of the “tension” out and allow him to actually build the cars!

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      Susan & Jimmy

      Love Bad Chad! Great car show! He’s an amazing custom builder & has far out ideas that he makes come together in so many outrageous ways! Hope to see a season 3 as I’ve watched the other seasons over and over! He’s so gifted and works with tools and equipment he adapts for his needs! Please don’t cancel the show, it’s really different and his concept as he builds cars and trucks is interesting and fun to watch!
      The end result is always totally unbievable and amazing! Thanx for Bad Chad! Also like the guys he has working for him, & his son Colton! Jolene adds to the mix in a special way, she just fits, and they are great together! Anyway, that’s my feeling on Bad Chad

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      Tony Hoyt

      I love the show! Chad’s mind and creativity have no limits! I love his team, I can see Colton probably having a little of his dad in him. I hope their relationship can continue to get stronger. I know season 2’s last show didn’t end so well for them. I hope to see a Season 3 on tv this year sometime! And dang it Chad, marry Jolene if she’ll have you!

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      Bad Chad has been cancelled….

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      David Smale

      Must have more. Best show of it’s kind or any other.

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      William P or Jean M Saber

      at 82 years old i love old cars and i have a 1964 nova,,,,,,i had a very good friend that i belive was part of bad chads family but he passed on RIP SONNY I WOULD LOVE TO MEET CHAD

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      Love this show, please bring it back. Hes soooo creative love watching how he designs. I’ve watched both sessons, cant get enough.

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      Love the show. Want to see more of it. Love his designs!

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      Mike L.

      The other car shows, take an old car and refurbish it. Bad Chad, he creates and then builds it. Amazing talent. Hope it returns.

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      Bob Kimble

      I have been watching chad on you tube. I would love to see his show return.
      He is one owsome guy. Please bring him back.

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      Dawn B

      Please bring Bad Chad back. This is a man with a heart and soul for car building and not his wallet!

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      Brent Manser

      as a retired person i have a lot of time, part of my daily schedule was watching Bad Chad at the start of my day. i can only presume there has been a problem over money. please get it sorted as i would like to see a few of his cars finished, although i expect the Bugatti copy will be completed, but am sure he will record it so we will all get to see it at some stage.
      Hopefully we will see them again soon

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      Really hope that is a joke

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      Ben Murrell

      Love the show , Bad Chad is a great educater and communicater we need season 3 to happen.

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