What Time Does ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ Come On Tonight On National Geographic?

The Incredible Dr. Pol image


  1. Why is Dr. Pol on the TV so much. I do not watch any veterinary. program. T.V. is airing more of these shows. Does anybody really watch them? I get tired of going to the NATGEW channel and seeing Dr, Pol . I am getting to the point NATGW s about to lose a viewer because of this. The show does not interest me in the least. How much longer I will stay with NASTGW remains to be seen.

  2. Where do you idiots get course language an sexual situations out of a show about someone being a vet.if the kids are to stupid to learn something why don’t you buy them another x-box to play with. Something else to mess up these kids minds!This is the problem with kids today they have no idea at all about nature are anything else as for, as that matters!


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