ShowsTop 10 Series To Watch In 2022

Top 10 Series To Watch In 2022

Top 10 Series To Watch In 2022
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If you are searching for a series to watch during your primetime, here’s a list already prepared for you! Thankfully, there are multiple shows you can pick to make your primetime special. Here is the list of the top 10 series to watch in 2022!

This year has been fantastic for streaming platforms. That’s because many interesting series have been released by streaming platforms which are inviting more members. If you also want to do the same, go through the list of top series. All of them will make your day!

Top 10 Series To Watch In 2022 | Series That Are A Perfect Binge-Watch!

You might wonder, but there are several series you can watch in 2022. But we have handpicked some top series so that you enjoy only the best ones. Check them out and know why people are liking them!  

#1 Andor 

If you want to enjoy the best live-action Star Wars, Andor is there to entertain you. Take a step into the Star Wars universe and experience a new grounded take. 

#2 Severance 

Viewers love Severance because it’s a subgenre of the psychological thriller. That’s not it; the series explores the effects of new-age technology and how greedy humans are. 

#3 Better Call Saul 

Better Call Saul has been called the greatest TV series of our generation. Also, it’s a breath of fresh air for people because the plot is unconventional and witty. It smashed streaming records and dominated charts according to ExpressVPN’s streaming report

#4 Shining Girls 

Shining Girls is a popular series these days because it’s an amalgamation of sci-fi and crime. Even the plot is full of many surprising elements. 

#5 The Bear

The Bear is distinctive because many people can resonate with the lead character. Also, it’s a realistic picture of our lives, which gives it a personal touch.

#6 Bad Sisters

People perceive Bad Sisters as a binge-watchable show. Even the opening credits are eye-catching, and people are unable to get over it. 

#7 House Of The Dragon 

The beautiful setup of the House Of The Dragon showing the Great Council has stolen many hearts. Even the central theme is highly captivating. 

#8 The English

The English is surely going to keep you hooked. It’s something new within the genre of Western. You might like the dazzling cinematography and emotional core. 

#9 Derry Girls Season 3 

Those who have been brought up as Malaysian Indians can relate a lot to Derry Girls Season 3. The catholic school and nuns in the series make it a representation of many lives. 

#10 This Is Going To Hurt

Audiences love This Is Going To Hurt because it is a visual adaptation of a non-fiction memoir. On top of this, the acting skills of Ben are commendable. 

Final Words

You must have noted down these top series. But there are still some more you can consider watching with your loved ones. What about December hits? 

This month’s hits are The Unorthodox Life Season 2, Slow Horses Season 2, Firefly Lane Season 2, Hot Skull, His Dark Materials: Season 3, Too Hot To Handle, The Most Beautiful Flower, Smiley Season 1, The Bad Guy, and many more. 

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