ShowsPercy Jackson Season 2: Zeus Recast with Lance Reddick on Disney Plus

Percy Jackson Season 2: Zeus Recast with Lance Reddick on Disney Plus

The buzz around “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” just got louder. The show, a hit on Disney+, is gearing up for its second season. This time, they’re diving into Rick Riordan’s “Sea of Monsters.” But there’s a catch. They’ve got to find a new Zeus. Lance Reddick, the actor who brought Zeus to life, passed away. Filling his shoes? Not an easy task.

Jon Steinberg, the brain behind the series, shared some thoughts on Saturday. He admitted they haven’t started looking for a new Zeus yet. It seems they’re still grappling with the loss of Reddick. “I don’t think anybody’s there yet,” he said. The thought of moving on without Reddick? It’s a tough pill to swallow.

Meanwhile, Dan Shotz, another key player in the show’s creation, had something touching to share. Reddick’s wife sent them a text. She said Reddick would’ve been proud of the show. It’s a small comfort, but it means a lot.

Shotz also reminisced about Reddick in a previous chat. He spoke highly of the time they spent together. Reddick wasn’t just an actor to them; he was an exceptional human being. His connection with the cast, especially the kids, was something special. Losing him was a blow to everyone involved.

Toby Stephens, who plays Poseidon, also had memories to share. He remembered his last conversation with Reddick. “I’m really looking forward to working with you again,” he had said. And he meant it. Reddick’s presence was magnetic, both on and off the screen. His humility, paired with his charisma, made him unforgettable. Stephens, like many, was heartbroken over his passing.

So, as the show moves forward, the task at hand is clear but daunting. Finding someone to step into Zeus’s shoes is more than just a casting decision. It’s about honoring a legacy. Reddick’s portrayal of Zeus was iconic, and his absence will be deeply felt. But the show must go on, and finding the right person to carry on his role is the next big challenge.

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