ShowsModern Shows Exploring the Topic of Lesbian Romance

Modern Shows Exploring the Topic of Lesbian Romance

Modern Shows Exploring the Topic of Lesbian Romance 
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Inclusivity has never been as important on television as it is today. More shows are taking risks to introduce new sorts of romances and matches that were rarely available before. These romances include lesbian dates, which are becoming more prominent in various forms of media today. We’ve come up with various modern television programs that you should consider watching if you want to see different representations of lesbians. 

  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has seven different seasons, and they are on Hulu, YouTube, AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play. One of the most memorable lesbian couples in television history is Willow and Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show is about the titular Buffy, a girl fighting vampires and trying to save the world from evil. Two of her friends, Willow and Tara, fall for each other and start a relationship. This interaction is most captivating because Willow is starting to develop into a more potent character on her own. Many people thought this relationship would be a quick lesbian fling instead of a long-standing connection, but this proved to be one of the most important relationships on television. These days, long after the show paved the way for acceptance, people who want to meet someone for a real lesbian hookup can turn to an online dating service to encounter the matches of their dreams. Such dedicated platforms greatly reduce all the fuss around seeking quick connections, making the process of matchmaking safer, easier, and a lot beneficial, which is the main reason why online dating is so popular in the lesbian community nowadays.

  1. Orange Is the New Black 

Orange Is the New Black has seven seasons, and the show has already concluded. It airs exclusively on Netflix and is still available to stream today. Unlike other shows that have examined the topic of lesbian dating, Orange is the New Black took an unflinching look at lesbian relationships in the unique situation of being in prison. You’ll find that there are plenty of relationships, from the dysfunctional connection between Piper and Alex to Lorna and Nicky. These connections are deeply explored, and they provide good, honest looks at a relationship. 

  1. Glee

Glee is a television show that focuses on the exploits of a group of kids in high school that get together and form a glee club to compete in singing competitions against other schools. The show ran for six seasons, and it’s available to watch on Netflix right now. The show came along at just the right time in the United States as renewed calls for equality led to people being more comfortable witnessing developing high school lesbian relationships. Two of the unlikeliest characters, Brittany and Santana, have a lesbian relationship that starts out of nowhere and continues to grow. Other same-sex relationships start to develop on the show, too. If you’re looking for diverse takes on love, then you need to consider watching this show for certain!

  1. Grey’s Anatomy

Another great television show that has lesbian relationships in it is Grey’s Anatomy. This show is still running, and it has been going for 18 seasons, and the show is available for streaming at Hulu and Netflix. The show follows Dr. Meredith Grey as she starts her career as a doctor and tries to learn how to be the best surgeon possible. Along the way, she meets many amazing people who change her life and experiences love, loss, and friendship. The show is groundbreaking in many respects, and perhaps none of them is as important as the relationships. Two other doctors, Callie and Arizona, fall in love throughout the show and experience one of the most complex relationships you’ll ever see on television. Beware, though, this show likes to play with emotions!

  1. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an anthology show on Netflix and has been around for five seasons, with another one currently in the works. The entire premise of the show demonstrates potential futures filled with horror, beauty, and the blending between the two. One particular episode of the show, more akin to a movie, is called San Junipero. This episode sees two women meeting inside of a simulation where they can experience anything. They fall in love throughout the show and make people question the role of what happens when two people with nothing in common fall in love. This episode is downright beautiful!

Lesbian romances are finally starting to get some representation on television. The relationships they are part of vary greatly, with some of them being dark and gloomy and others being free of complications. No matter what sort of lesbian relationships you want to see, it is possible to find them on TV today, and that’s a great change. As long as you have the streaming services mentioned for these shows, you’ll have no problem finding and picking out the shows that suit you best. You’ll find shows that cater to all your needs!

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