Cast'Iron & Fire' Cast: Season 1 Stars & Main Characters

‘Iron & Fire’ Cast: Season 1 Stars & Main Characters

Iron & Fire is an American reality TV series airing Mondays at 10:00 PM EST on History. Episodes usually run for around 60 minutes. The first season aired on April 11, 2016. Currently, the show has no IMDb rating.

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cast of Iron & Fire season 1
“Ironside” stars Blair Underwood as a New York detective who was wounded in a shooting and is now confined to a wheelchair, but still tackles tough cases with his team of experts. A remake of the 1967 to 1975 NBC series starring Raymond Burr.

Here are the main characters and stars of Iron & Fire season 1:

Iron & Fire cast: season 1 characters

  • Charlie Casey plays as Charlie Casey
  • plays as
  • plays as
  • plays as
  • plays as

TV show viewing details

Air Time: 10:00 PM EST
TV Channel: History
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Reality
Official Website: Official site
IMDb Page: IMDb page

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