ShowsGoosebumps Renewed for Season 2 on Disney Plus

Goosebumps Renewed for Season 2 on Disney Plus

Brace yourselves, folks. Disney+ is bringing back the chills and thrills with a Season 2 renewal of the R.L. Stine-inspired comedy-horror series, Goosebumps. Yep, you heard it right.

Audiences just couldn’t get enough of the first season. With its unique blend of chills, thrills, heart, and humor, it quickly became one of Disney Branded Television’s most-watched shows last year. That’s what Ayo Davis, the big boss over at Disney Branded Television, said anyway. And honestly? We’re here for it.

They’re planning to dive even deeper into the brilliant mind of R.L. Stine for Season 2. Collaborating again with Sony Pictures Television, Scholastic Entertainment, and a fantastic creative team, they’re promising an entirely new mystery on Disney+. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Oh, and there’s a little tease for what’s coming. Picture this: teenage siblings uncover a threat lurking in their home. This discovery sets off a chain of events, unraveling a deep mystery. It ties back to the story of five teenagers who vanished into thin air back in 1994. Spooky, right?

Season 1 was quite the ride, following five high schoolers on a shadowy journey. They were trying to figure out the tragic passing of a teen named Harold Biddle. Things got weird, with bumps in the night and dark secrets about their parents’ pasts coming to light. And yes, the new Goosebumps series pulls from Stine‚Äôs iconic books. Think “Say Cheese and Die” and “The Haunted Mask.”

Wondering when your favorite TV show is coming back? There’s this cool list that might help you out. Just saying.

The cast for Season 1? Stellar. It included names like Justin Long from Barbarian, Rachael Harris of Lucifer fame, and Zack Morris from EastEnders. Not to forget Isa Briones from Star Trek: Picard, Miles McKenna from Guilty Party, Ana Yi Puig of Gossip Girl, and Will Price from The Equalizer.

A bit of history for you: Goosebumps isn’t new to screens. It was an anthology series back in the day, running for four seasons between 1995 and 1998. And yes, there were a couple of movies too, with Jack Black playing Stine.

TVLine’s master calendar is all updated with this juicy news. So, are you as excited for more Goosebumps as we are? Drop a comment and let us know if you’ll be tuning in for Season 2.

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