Drama'Endless Love' Season 3: Release Date, Time & TV Channel

‘Endless Love’ Season 3: Release Date, Time & TV Channel

season 3 of Endless Love

Endless Love is an drama TV show created by Hilal Saraland is produced by Ay Yap?m . The show stars Burak Özçivit, Neslihan Atagül, Kaan Urgancioglu, Orhan Güner. Endless Love first aired on Star TV on October 14, 2015. So far there have been two seasons. The series currently has a 7.1 out of 10 IMDb rating, based on 6,468 user votes.

Star TV did not officially renew Endless Love for season yet. The release date for Endless Love season has not been scheduled..

This post has the latest information on the status of Endless Love season 3 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you updated.

Endless Love season 3 release date: When will it premiere?

Was Endless Love renewed for season 3?
No, Endless Love has not been renewed for third season yet.

When does Endless Love season 3 come out?
Star TV has yet to be officially renew Endless Love for season 3. As of September 2023, there is no release date scheduled for the new season. This does not mean the series has been canceled. The show may be on a break and the next season has not been announced or scheduled yet. We will update this post with more details as soon as they become available. If you want to get notified of the season 3 premiere, please sign up for updates below, and join the conversation in our forums.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Endless Love cancelled?
No, Endless Love has not been cancelled.

Is Endless Love on Netflix?
We do not track Netflix release dates, you can check is Endless Love on Netflix, at NetflixSchedule.

How many seasons of Endless Love are there?
As of September 2023, Endless Love has 2 seasons.

When is Endless Love season 3 coming out?
Season 3 of Endless Love is coming out in:

What time does Endless Love come on?
Endless Love airs TBA ET / TBA PT on Star TV. You can also find out Endless Love start times in different time zones.

Will there be a season 3 of Endless Love?
There is no word on the next season yet. We’ll update this page as soon as there are any new announcements.

When did Endless Love originally come out?
Endless Love originally came out on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.

Endless Love plot and series summary

A young artist finds herself obligated to sacrifice her love story for hiding a family secret.

Two separate worlds lie on two sides of the road in a seaside town. Both too close and way too far from each other. What happens when two young people from these worlds fall in love? Kemal is one of the three children of a moderate family that lives in one of the inner neighborhoods of the town. His hand to mouth world has pinned all hopes on him. The motive of this world is not high aims, it’s to make a living and survive. It’s Kemal’s last year in mine engineering. His dreams are restricted with the truth and he doesn’t believe in miracles. Especially in miracles like love. Kemal is soon tested with his disbelief and Nihan hops into his monotonous life. After that day Kemal’s world turns upside down and he loses control.

You may also visit Endless Love’s official website and IMDb page.

Endless Love season 3 trailer

Endless Love age rating

Endless Love is not rated yet. The rating is not available at this time. We will update the parental rating shortly. As a general parental guide, parents should assume the material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

Endless Love season 3 status and details

Name: Endless Love
Season: Season 3
Release Date: PENDING
Start Time: TBA ET
TV Channel:
Star TV

Episode Runtime: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
Genres: Drama, Romance
Parental Rating: Not Rated
Region: Turkey

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    • Yes i really hope there will be season 3. This is the best that i have ever watch. It is so sad because the explosion, and it ended. Two people fighting to be together and never got that change.
      Nooooooo ways!

      • I recorded and play it over and over but I am in so much tears of the way it ended… Please bring a Kara Sevda 3 , Kemal and Nihan needs to end up together please.. Best series ever!!!! Please come back.. I would like a happy ending with everyone. Pllleeeaaaassseeee

  1. We want to see kemal back as we are eagerly waiting gor the season 3 please please kara sevda from india please let it come soon please

  2. what the f*ck after all the hardships man faced and at the end there is always happier things to be done in life buttt the a**hole writer kills the hero shit on you we want kemal back season 3 otherwise i will kill you 🙂 ….

  3. Quiere ver la temporada 3 de Kara Sevda ..no se merecen ese final…es demasiado triste…🙏🏽 por favor son una pareja increible

  4. This is by far the best Turkish series to watch, please Start TV, all the way from South Africa, we ask you for season 3. Thank you.

  5. Oh Please, I did not want the ending to be like this. Please bring season 3 back. we are begging. you left the story in the middle. we are dying to know what happens after Kamal got shot.

    • Life is like sooomany pleople … Like this .. but.. Amma truth is always .. bad taste … But we accept it … Super amazing story .. costing was sooooo gud … 👍👍👍👍👍👍💯 ….. The hero .. Kemal … I love him ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ sooo suttled actor he was .. very nice to saw him on screan lovely …, 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Kava sevda season 3 must return,how can a beautiful romance end like that,let kemal and nihan have they happy ever after please i really need season3,eith english subtitles,i am all the way from south africa,i really love this series butt make kava sevda a beautiful love storie dont end kava sevda like that pls

    • The best series I have evver watched , ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯

  7. I Love Kara Sevda, best show ever. I watched all the episodes on youtube and watching it all over again on TV. Please bring season 3 back. Kemal and Nihan doesn’t deserve this ending. All the way from South Africa.

  8. will there be a season 3 of Kara Sevda? this was the most beautiful series I have ever watched in my life the ending even had me in tears.

    please can there be a season 3 I am also all the way from South africa

  9. Estamos ansiosos de ver una tercera temporada, siento que quedaron incompletos con la 2, por favor aprueben la temporada 3, la necesitamossss

  10. I Love Kara Sevda, best show ever. I watched all the episodes on youtube and watching it all over again on TV. Please bring season 3 back. Kemal and Nihan doesn’t deserve this ending. All the way from South Africa.

  11. Please season 3 for Karasevda let Kemal returns.Were al his and Nihans sacrifices fir nothing?Just to show the viewers that evil wins over love hope and sacrifice sucks

  12. i have never seen a tv series like Kara Sevda – it is the most amazing story i have ever seen i use to watch episode after episode non stop , it will be the greatest thing ever if there is a season 3 – what is the reason for cancelling

  13. I just watch the entire 2 seasons of KARA SEVDA and I absolutely loved it. PLEASEEEEEEEEEE STAR TV all the way from THE BAHAMAS. I need season 3.


      • Please KARA SEVDA we need season 3 with Kemal alive,,,how can that hero dies wthout getting happiness,,he struggled to get Nihan from that monster Emir after such hardships he gets nothing buh a bullet,,thts nt fair seriously,we want that man back,,he has to live his life wth his family,,get family love after such war of freedom

    • Season 3 please, All the way from South Africa. We loved the series etv 5:30-6:30pm weekdays.
      The production set guys you outdid yourselfs.
      If season 3 must be voted to be showcast, yes my vote is times a thousand.

      Season 3 please.

  15. I really need season 3 with a happy ending for Nihan and Kemal. Pls stop promoting evil. Just show the viewers that love, hope and sacrifice wins over evil. My hero Kemal I still wonna see more of him please. From South Africa

  16. We want to see kemal back as we are eagerly waiting gor the season 3 please please kara sevda from south africa please let it come soon please

  17. Yes we want Kara Sevda 3 without it I won’t survive I swear😭🙏🏻💞😩 too much love to Kemal and nihan I freaking love them 💘💗 my baby’s 🖇😭💕💖

  18. Plz plz plz Allah we want Kara Sevda season 3 i wanted nihan and Kemal together . PLZZZZZ STAR TV BRING KARA SEVDA SEASON 3 with nihan and Kemal PLZ PLZ I have been literally crying

  19. My family and I are watching the Spanish dubbed on version of Kara Sevda on Univision in America. We are absolutely amazed with Seasons 1 & 2. Great plot and characters. The actors and actresses are outstanding!
    I don’t like the idea of Kemal losing the opportunity of being with Nihan after all of his sacrifices. Nihan and Kemal deserve a better ending. Please bring a Season 3. Your fans would much appreciate it forever!

  20. Please am shouting out all the way from South Africa, please please bring back season 3 Kara Sevda i beg you and Kemal mus have survived please😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. What a bad end …. I’m in South Africa we are in season 2 episode 18…. reading how bad this soapy ends i don’t think I’ll continue watching it until there is season 3. How can evil prevail over good…. shocking. Unless the people who wrote this are just as evil.. I mean that’s the logic reason . It’s insane !!!

  22. South Africa is in season 2. It started 5 January 2020. It plays on ETV Monday to Friday from 5 :30-6:30 pm. The title is interpreted as “Bittersoet” one of South Africa’s Afrikaans language belonging to an apartheid group of people. Kara Sevda is directly translated as ” Bitter Sweet” in English and “Bittersoet” in Afrikaans. I watch it without fail. I love the love bird couple and cannot wait for the reunion of Nihan, Kemel and Dinz…the perfect family. But there is too.much back stabbing. Emir, Zeynup, Asu I dont like…lol

    Would be nice if the Director and Producer considers season 3. A beautiful series. Thank.you Ay Yapim

  23. Please do season 3 best series ever. Needs to have an ending with closure worthy of this beautiful love story. This from america.

  24. He didn’t die. He wore a vest. No season 3 because of their spouse’s jealousy of their chemistry. They quit to save their marriages.

  25. I love watching “Amor Eterno” (Kara Sevda) season 2 still in progress in California. Today, I was reading above viewers replies and was EXTREMELY disappointed to learn: (1) its dismal ending where Kemal dies and (2) that session 3 was cancelled… Although I don’t know the specific way it ended, I do hope it was done to foster greater interest in a season 3 where you would bring back Kemal for a happily-ever-after ending.

  26. Hope kara sevda has a season 3!! Kemal can reappear by memory loss , and slowly remember everything giving them a happy ending!!!

  27. I think it is very unfair that a Season 3 will not be coming out. It ended horrible!!! Everyone is raving about this. Please make a season 3. Borak Ocivit is an excellent actor and very handsome.

  28. Please let there be a season 3 don’t let Kemal die let him and nihan get married and live happily ever after please please

  29. We want kara sevda season 3 please please we want a happy ending Kemal cannot die like that he deserves a happy ending with Nihan you can’t let him die like that we want season 3….please make a plan to resume it

  30. I love kara sevda brinf it back at keast a hapoy ending! Lütfen! 🙏❤️👑 The ending part is so sad!!

  31. Please bring season 3 back. It is an outstanding program. The actors are outstanding. We can also learn to love and care for our families . I do not agree that we must do wrong but learn to love and care fir our families. Especially in this difficult times.

  32. Please we wait on season 3 what a good turkish series this is all the way out of South Africa this is good very good can’t wait for Bittersoet to start in the evening please please wait on season 3 please please please 💕🙏🙏🙏

  33. Please Please give us season 3.I really Love endless Love.Its really my favorite and i look forward to watching it everyday:)

  34. Kamel is not just an actor to me but an guidance if he die in the end what is the use of fight for nothing. The truth is the end tell us that they will be season 3

  35. Yes please please. We are all waiting for the season 3 of KARA SEVDA please. We need kemal. A happy ending please 😭😭😭

  36. please bring kara sevda season 3 we need kemal alive and please make sure Emir rot in jail for trying to kill kemal.

  37. Please,please Kara Sevda Season 3 please My Daughter and I Enjoy it so much it’s the Best . From Letishia Dearham

  38. I love Turkish novelas (spanish) and they are very beautifully made without the extreme love scenes as in spanish novelas, thank God! I am extremely disappointed and sad that this story, Kara Sevda (Spanish name: Amor Eterno) ends with Kemal and Emir dead! That is a very painful ending…I know that as a great writer and production Team that Ay Yapim has, that a better more beautiful ending can be produced…where Kemal and Nihan live happily with a beautiful family and with Emir in jail for life. I am sure that Ay Yapim can come up with a very short and glorious Season 3 for Eternal Love / Amor Eterno, Kara Sevda!
    Thank you for the beautiful love story!
    Sarita Polanco
    Brooklyn, New York, USA

  39. I am sure that Ay Yapim can come up with a very short and glorious Season 3 with a very happy and just ending for Eternal Love / Amor Eterno, Kara Sevda!
    Please convince all the actresses and actors to return to the story and do a short season 3!
    Thank you!
    Sarita Polanco
    New York

  40. I have watched many series but never felt in love with them like I did with Kara Sevda.So I present myself to you writers and producers to please release session 3 on South Africa.I know you face many difficulties but please think of us as we have addicted our self with this show. I beg u with all my heart and life please hear our request and reply to it.

  41. Please bring the third season back, we need a better ending. With the end we saw, it shows that your country has no laws and the criminals always win, we know it is just fiction, but we would like to see the love and the right people have a happy ending. You made Emir win the whole time and let him destroy two families, not even his own son changed his heart. Please don’t be so hard only on person like Kemal. Bring him back to be with his family and see his daughter grows, show the world that love can do anything.

  42. Please we need a season 3 for Kara sevda. It’s just not fair after everything Kemal and Nihan went through that he had to die like that. Please bring him back with a memory loss and let him and nihan and their daughter Deniz be reunited we don’t want any other characters we want the same characters.Love needs to prevail not evil. Bring back season3 please. Thank you

  43. Please please begging you let there be a Kara Sevda Season 3. We love this and can’t believe it’s ending and Kemal had to die. Let him come back please. Emir can be dead that’s fine. His father and sick sister is still there to be part of the story. Best love story ever!!!!! Please!!!!
    All the way from South Africa

  44. I literally cried when that explosion happened. Please bring back Kemal.You guys can’t just leave us hanging. The storyline, calibre of acting,consistency and suspense had always been greatly appreciated; well done for that..but season 2 final episode is a no-no. You guys owe us redemptive season 3 .please
    Lots of love from South Africa☺



  46. Please we really need kara sevda season 3 with Our beloved actors especially Nihan and Kemal. I learnt to love and care for my family after watching this amazing bittersoet,it was the best story ever.Please bring it back with a happy ending of Nihan and Kemal,They don’t deserve these bad ending ,I was badly crying😭😭😭😭 .Words may fail to explain how much i need season 3,i’m really desperate to watch it.Please bring it back🙏,I’m humbled 🙏

  47. I did enjoyed Bittersoet season 1&2 .Will you please give us season 3 with kemal alive and live a happy life with his wife Nihan and their daughter Deniz please we don’t mind waiting as long there will be season 3, from South Africa

  48. Writer of Kara Sevda let me ask you Something HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU LET KEMAL DIES….He’s our hero and he’s Nihan heart and soul….We want a Season 3.

  49. Please make season 3 my hearts broken not knowing what’s going for what and I hope kemal an nihans ends up together again 😭🙏

  50. Thank u so much for this series of bittersoet I would like u guys to please bring season 3. I was sitting on the edge of my seat each evening.

    Please bring season 3

  51. Please bring it back I loved this show even if I’m English speaking and listening to afrikaans series I really loved it to watch it all over again lots of love and drama and suppense we want Kemal back to Nihan shame on Nihan she didn’t deserve this nonsense even if Kemal took Emir with him when that mine went off so please reconsider it thanx Season 3

  52. Hi please bring back kara sevda 3 it was the most amazing tv series ever who ever wrote it you can’t just leave it at that this is not right you make the people fall in love with the show just to end it with kemal dieing please please bring season 3 back.

  53. Plz let there be a season 3 , cause season 2 didnt end well .. Kemal needs a happy ending , he must return with a memory Los in season 3

  54. I would love to request the Ay Yapim to give us a seasons 3 with a happy ending the way Kemal died was not right at all he went through so much just to be with the love of his live ….But he was only given a few day witch is not right my heart was broken and is still broken the tears was rolling down my face please that can’t be the Ending it simple can’t be. ..
    We want Kara Sevda Bittersoet to RETURN with a SEASON 3


  55. Can we kindly please have season 3 our hearts were left shattered with the final episode of season 2….please season 3

  56. Please!… I think that’s what everyone wants we wanna see kemal and nihans happy ever after. Cause it just doesn’t make sense how could he die😭

  57. Season 3 of Bittersoet (Kara Sevda) what a nice tragedy story sad ending. We need more men who are like the character of Kemal a love story of these 2 Kemal and Nihan is so true and it is a touching story of reality.
    I say I have learnt alot from this story. May we please see season 3 on etv 5:30-6:30 pm.

  58. Ohhh no the ending of this love story is not good at all, please bring back season 3 and bring back same characters (actors), Kemal and Nihan deserve happy ending. Bring back season 3,Please refer

    From South Africa

  59. Please please please STAR TV, u have no choice but to bring back Kemal in season 3. It would be a tragedy not to. This is the best telenovela i have come across and doubt there will ever be one to top it. Kara Sevda, please please please all the way from South AFrica., film season 3. Kemal is the be all and end all.!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!

  60. We want season 3 please but hopefully kemal survived my popular actor on kara sevda.

    Lets hope you are negotiating new deal with star Tv we really need this soapie please.AB from S.africa

  61. please bring season 3 we need kemal alive and please make sure Emir rot in jail for trying to kill kemal. We also need leyla out of jail and enjoy her life with her lovely husband, kara sevda please

  62. From South Africa bring back season 3 I really thought that emir is going to jail and lost everything but the way it end wasn’t good at all we in south Africa can’t wait to catch bittersoet please just give us season 3

  63. Please can you make season3 Kara sevda is the best series I watch i missed it so much watch it everyday😔pls bring Kemal back make it good ending I do think nihan and Kemal went alot of thing thorough I do think they deserve get the beautiful ending in season3 to be together with he’s family

  64. Will this Bittersoet end stupidly or should we wait for it again to everyone who wants Kemal to tell the love story and they were robbed of a life together so little time they had at least they got married and had a child so that Nihan wudnt be alone we just realy wanted Emir to die and kemal live a Happily ever after with Nihan

  65. Please bring a season 3 this series gave me premature ventricular contractions like my heart would skip a bit I literally need more it’s so addictive 😅😅

  66. Turkish novela’s the best I have ever seen, Kemal does not deserve to die…Emir us brliant he must also come back so he can experience real true love not obsession….South Africa loves Kara sevda please give us season 3… please please…

  67. You plz play season 3 of bittersoet coz it’s 1of the best shows on television and I want to see nihan and kemal live a happy life after all da drama they did went through

  68. Plz bring back kemal in season 3. Two people in deep love separated and United with lots of difficulties shouldn’t end in sad ending. They must cherish their love to love , live and laugh together for endless period. So plz don’t separate them. It’s hurting us a lot. IT is not possible in real life due to fateb but altest we can change the script in this drama. Plz plz fill the ending with happiness, joy and make nihan happy. Only thing we want is this. Plz producer and director make an attempt to do it.

  69. Plz bring us kara sevda seson3,let nihan and kemal with the whole family live hapily and get old,also tarick comes out of the prison,cleopatra columbo,zehir ana zehra plzzzz all the way from tanzania,i cried alot the day kemal died

  70. Oh please the writer of kara sevda we all want season 3 iam very sad of the ending i did not expect this after all the thing we have seen we don’t expect this kind of ending all of us are waiting we went some answer yes or no.Thanks

  71. Pls pls we asking to bring back kara sevda we really curious about wat happened after the explore.. Pls kemal must come back act as if he survived the bomb pls pls

  72. Last episode was a huge disappointment to all the fans. It was an addiction to watch this show and heart breaking in the end. Writers please buck up and make a new season..

  73. I have watched both seasons on YouTube with english subtitles from Canada in 3 weeks. The best tv show I have ever watched, but the ending was really bad 😪.Please make Kemal come back. I would be very happy to see at least one more season🙏🙏🙏🙏

  74. I have watched both seasons on YouTube with english subtitles from Canada in 3 weeks. The best tv show I have ever watched, but the ending was really bad 😪.Please make Kemal come back. I would be very happy to see at least one more season🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Agree!!! They can start the Season 3 like this, Nihan having a nightmare pertaining to what happened to Kemal at the minefield. It’s just a bad dream right? Please Kara Sevda one more time, please allow Nihan and Kemal enjoy their lives, they deserve to live!

    • They should start the Season 3 like this, Nihan is having a nightmare regarding on what happen to Kemal at the minefield. It is just a bad dream right?

  75. They can start the Season 3 like this, Nihan having a nightmare pertaining to what happened to Kemal at the minefield. It’s just a bad dream right? Please Kara Sevda one more time, please allow Nihan and Kemal enjoy their lives, they deserve to live!

  76. Endless love is the best show I have ever watched, with the best actors ever. It feels as if its happening for real. The actors are giving the best in their roles. Honesty endless love is the best. May we pls have season 3.

  77. It seems my heart in my mouth. Please release season 3 with a happy ending plss . I watched all the episodes with English subtitles on YouTube from India but I’m able to understand whole the story. Don’t break the heart of fans please .

  78. Please upload season 3 earlier because I can’t sleep since last week and I’m missing every hour of Kara sevda so please let me alive and provide the season 3 please please please 😭😭

  79. kemal and emir should not have died in season2,instead of died, emir should be sent to jail to get together with his sister and father LOL

  80. kemal and emir should not have died in season2,instead of dead, emir should be sent to jail to get together with his sister and father….. LOL because emir told that no Kozcuoglu eil go to jail but kemal had sent them. now writer had made blunder by showing dead the main hero and villain. but they can continue the season3 by adding a new character of kemal’s twin the man has completely different personality from kemal, who studied abroad and running his business in paris, nihan goes to paris for business meeting as a board of director of kozcuoglu’s company. where they first time meet during meeting and you can add music……………………………….lol

  81. Please restart the series with new start of their love. Please let live kemal back with nihan. And the is no actual end of Asu. And truth revale for Ozan murder with all to set His brother free. Please start season 3 and send reminder to me.

  82. This was one of the best series i have ever watched. Really looking forward to see the next season. kemal & Nihan are great. Emir is also very good with his role.

  83. im not about to say something new we love and adore Nihan and Kemal they make us believe in true love even when our hearts have been broken countless times deniz nihan and kemal complete me can he live longer please the series is the best i have ever seen


    SEASON 3 !


  85. LOVE THIS SERIES❤️❤️👍👍
    We need to have a Season 3!!
    Kemal and Nihan are the best!!!
    Love them!!!!!

  86. Please do endless love season 3 ,so that we can see a happy ending for kemal and nihan wihtout emir torturing them plz dey derseve it.

  87. I missed Kemal and his eyes……I am falling in love with Kemal……I watch and watch…the expresstion of Kemal….the kisses are soo pure …the way of love …..the way of touching the beloved one is so adorable…..I missed such type of love …..missed such type of touch…
    From the beginning I love Kemal…till end…
    I don’t know is there any season 3 or not…..but I wait for the endless love…..I want to fall in love with Kemal again and again……..oh my love come back….

  88. Amor Eterno was THEEEEEE BEST novela I have ever seen. But whyyyyyyyyy was it such a horrible insane stuuuupid heartbreaking ridiculous completely mind-blowing ending???
    Pleeeeease bring it back, with Kemal, or Nihan having had a nightmare (like the American series Dallas)..it was all a bad dream…
    and let Kemal & Nihan have their beautiful fairy-tale ending.
    IMPORTANT: the SAME actors….otherwise it would not be the same!! We are ALL begging you….pleeeeeeease bring them
    back!!! If you were planning it all along…..YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! You’ve got the entire planet hooked!!!!

  89. Please bring back the serial Endless Love.I would love to see Kemal and Nihan back together and happy. Season 2 ended so abruptly. Please notify the date and time as well. I enjoyed Endless Love. And I am now watching The promise.This Turkish Web Series also seems to be promising
    But not on Mx player TV because there is a lot of disturbances.

  90. It’s been almost two years now i can watch any turkey drama except thinking about bittersoet plz bring season 3 im dying all the way from South Africa 🌍

  91. Please create, make and release Season 3 of Kara Sevda for Kemal and Nihan.. The best series I’ve watched in my entire life… pls. Pls. Pls.

  92. I’m from Australia and it took me weeks to find the Kara sveda series with English subtitles although the grammar is very bad but still managed to translate and understand most of it. I’m so angry that the ending ended the way it did. I’m not Turkish but I watch the dramas and I have to say they all end badly. If season 3 comes out so be it. But I have to say this will be my last drama I watch in Turkish I’m use to happy endings not miserable ones. I’m done. The time and effort it took me to watch in English and then to end the way it did was devastating. But thank for the 2 seasons.

  93. Pls, pls, pls, dear. We love all seasons of endless love, one of the best series is it, so pls make seasons 3 . & We want happy ending.

  94. The show must return there has to be a happy ending for Kemal and Nihan where Emir can’t harm or scare them. They went through too much to be together and the end of season 2 was way too sad. Kemal and Nihan deserve a next chapter where they find each other again and Deniz too. If the people of South Africa could vote there will be millions asking for the show to return. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SKY TV…BRING BACK THE SHOW SEASON 3🙏🙏

  95. I dont think Kemal can return. The scenes after the explosion show a life without him. Awful ending, the bad guy wins!!! 🙁 🙁 🙁


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