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Dr Quinn Medicine Woman Reboot: Jane Seymour Confirmed to Return

Jane Seymour has a dream. She wants to bring back Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

She was the lead in this 90s CBS procedural. Now, she’s hoping to breathe new life into the series.

Seymour isn’t just dreaming. She’s been proactive. She’s told The Messenger that a potential sequel series is already “written” and “planned out.”

But it hasn’t been smooth sailing. An unnamed network recently turned down the project. Their reason? They’re not “interested in Westerns.”

Yet, Seymour isn’t deterred. In fact, she’s more determined, especially considering the success of Yellowstone.

She’s also thought about a modern-day reboot of Dr. Quinn. But, it’s not for her. She’d rather stick with the period revival she’s pitching.

“The whole point of Dr. Quinn is that life hasn’t really changed that much from the 1870s to now,” she says. She believes the same issues are still relevant today, which is what made the show so magical.

The original Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman aired from 1993 to 1998. It had a good run, with six seasons and 149 episodes before CBS pulled the plug. You can currently stream all six seasons on Amazon’s Freevee, Pluto TV, and The Roku Channel.

Seymour didn’t just disappear after the show ended. She returned for two CBS movies: Dr. Quinn: Revolutions (1999) and Dr. Quinn: The Heart Within (2001). The latter served as a proper series finale.

She’s also reprised her role as “Dr. Mike” in a 2018 sketch for Jimmy Kimmel Live! Last year, she even reunited with Dr. Quinn costar Joe Lando (aka Sully) in the Lifetime holiday movie A Christmas Spark.

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