ShowsCancelled'Strange Empire' Season 2 Release Date

‘Strange Empire’ Season 2 Release Date

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  1. Just got done watching Strange Empire. Just found out it was cancelled!!!!! REALLY it is a GREAT show. BRING IT BACK!!!!

  2. Was very good. We found it on Netflix. We watched it all day long. .loved it. I wish there was a second season.

  3. Great Program. We watched S1 on Netflix and really enjoyed the show. Hate that it has been cancelled as it really left you hanging as to the next actions to take place. Please bring in back!!

  4. Cancelled?! Really?!!! Each episode had an ending that left us hanging for the next episode. Please produce a second season.

  5. This was an awesome show and I need to get my Jeremiah Loving back no way, no way that this show was canceled. Are you serious. So now we are just hanging on. Please bring the show back.


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