DiscoveryAlaska: The Last Frontier Season 13: Release Date, Time & TV Channel

Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 13: Release Date, Time & TV Channel

Alaska: The Last Frontier season  date

Alaska: The Last Frontier is a reality TV show produced by Discovery Studios. The television show stars Atz Lee Kilcher, Otto Kilcher, Eivin Kilcher and Atz Kilcher. Alaska: The Last Frontier first aired on Discovery on July 1, 2011. So far, there have been twelve seasons. The series currently has a 7.7 out of 10 IMDb rating based on 1,708 user votes.

Discovery did not officially renew Alaska: The Last Frontier for the thirteen season yet. The release date for Alaska: The Last Frontier season 13 has not been announced.

This post has the latest information on the status of Alaska: The Last Frontier season 13 as we continuously monitor the news to keep you updated.

Alaska: The Last Frontier season 13 release date

Was Alaska: The Last Frontier renewed for a new 13?
No, Alaska: The Last Frontier has not been renewed for thirteen season yet.

Will there be a season 13 of Alaska: The Last Frontier?
As of September 2023, a release date for the next season has not been set. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the series has been canceled. We will update this page as soon as there are any new announcements.

When does Alaska: The Last Frontier season 13 come out?
Discovery has yet to renew Alaska: The Last Frontier for season 13 officially. The show may be on a break, and the next season has yet to be be announced or scheduled. We will update this post with more details as soon as they become available. If you want to get notified of the season 13 premiere, please sign up for updates below, and join the conversation in our forums.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Alaska: The Last Frontier cancelled?
No, Alaska: The Last Frontier has not been cancelled.

Is Alaska: The Last Frontier on Netflix?
We do not track Netflix release dates, you can check is Alaska: The Last Frontier on Netflix, at NetflixSchedule.

How many seasons of Alaska: The Last Frontier are there?
As of today, Alaska: The Last Frontier had 12 seasons.

What time does Alaska: The Last Frontier come on?
Alaska: The Last Frontier airs 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT on Discovery. You can also find out Alaska: The Last Frontier start times in different time zones.

When did Alaska: The Last Frontier originally come out?
Alaska: The Last Frontier originally came out on Friday, July 1, 2011.

Alaska: The Last Frontier plot and series summary

Centers on the Kilcher family and their community outside Homer, Alaska. Begun by patriarch Yule Kilcher who immigrated from Europe during WWII, and currently led by his sons, Otto and Atz Kilcher (singer Jewel’s father) the family have lived on their land for four generations. The show also features the homesteaders who live nearby and interact with the Kilchers.

You may also visit Alaska: The Last Frontier’s official website and IMDb page. You can also view Alaska: The Last Frontier season 13 trailer on YouTube.

Alaska: The Last Frontier age rating

Alaska: The Last Frontier is rated TV-PG, which means it contains material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children. Many parents may want to watch it with their younger children. The theme itself may call for parental guidance and/or the program may contain one or more of the following: some suggestive dialogue, infrequent coarse language, some sexual situations, or moderate violence.

Alaska: The Last Frontier season 13 status and details

Name: Alaska: The Last Frontier
Season: Season 13
Release Date: PENDING
Start Time: 9:00 PM ET
TV Channel: Discovery
Episode Runtime: Approx. TBA
Genres: Reality
Parental Rating: TV-PG
Region: United States

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Alaska: The Last Frontier poster & photos

Alaska: The Last Frontier poster

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    • I love watching Alaska the last Frontier, and all my Friends come over most of the time so we all can enjoy the show together, I hope their will be season 7 and more to be made. It makes me wish to live that way, I’ve been looking in to it. What a great family they are.

  1. We are so anxious to watch Season 7. My husband and I enjoy Alaska the Last Frontier. The family are
    truly a family and look after one another’s needs. It is our favorite TV show. It is very educational. City people have no idea how difficult for people to live this way. Please let Season 7 return!

  2. I love there family sure going to miss them , it seen they were part of my family .looking forward to see then again ❤️❤️???? For them mrs Armida

  3. I have never missed an episode!! This is the BEST of what real,useful educational TV has to offer for regular bono fide people! The lifestyles offer so much helpful benefits for practical everyday life,whether you’re on the grid or off. I have been inspired and enabled to start and maintain a kitchen garden ( 5’x8′) and to produce some very useful medicinal herbs. I am looking forward to the new season. There is already too much junk tv, ATLF is so needed and appreciated!!

  4. Please renew for season 7 and many more to come. One of our favorite shows. Not a bunch of fake people and evil creatures.

  5. Please don’t cancel the best show on television! With all the reality garbage on the screen right now, (good lord! who watches that stuff??) I would think that this show would be the number one priority. You can’t cut us off right now, when we want to know what happens to Azt Lee and Jane’s problem over the remote cabin, and we really want to see little Sparrow growing up. Who can resist Otto’s constant capers? What a great family show!

  6. We were just looking for the new scheduling of the new season of Alaska The Last Frontier. Our favorite TV show. Are you serious you may not renew it? I hope not we would be devastated. We love the Kilchers.

  7. Really???? This is one of the better “reality” TV Shows that is on!!!! When you watch this family it makes you want to go back in time to the simpler times when Family meant something and working is WORKING!!! Please do not cancel this program, I know of at least 100 people that would be really upset and I am not even counting my friends yet!!!!!!! Be real and keep Alaska the Last Frontier on the programming schedule.. Thank You for Your Time????????

  8. I want Alaska the last Frontier to be renewed .The show was left hanging with Atz lee and Jane and other things not finished. I really like the show and have enjoyed watching since it came on TV. Please renew this show .

  9. Now I’m hooked so bad that I want to move to Homer. When is season 11 going to roll out. Want to see Atz Lee’s new home and Sparrow and Finley grow up

  10. This is by far the best reality show Discovery has brought to us. I’m so looking forward to season 11. Please renew this show!!!

    • I agree, I have seen every episode since it started in 2011, but normally the season finally is in February or March, what happened to the rest of the season in 2022-23?

  11. Bring it back! Keep it going please… for those of us who do watch, I agree
    w/lady who said the Kilchers have become like family. It’s a safe natural
    family environment in Alaska. Miss it, it was my escape from depression
    & medical issues that has sidelined me from my old active life-style.

    They should at lease say a proper so-long or good bye if they aren’t going
    to come back to share their lives in Alaska any more. They are very fortunate
    to be where they are & I appreciate sharing it with them all.

  12. Waiting for season 11 to come back on television. We love Alaska The Last Frontier and sharing the lives of the Kilcher family and their challenges and adventures.

  13. Omg…..plzzzzz renew this show!!! We love it!! We have been looking forward to season 11 all summer long and I just read it has not been renewed!! I am so disappointed!! This is the best show on TV!!

  14. I agree . I miss them . Why do they keep the Bush family on ? Sorry , I don’t like it . They are a bunch of Fakes !
    Alaska the last Frontier is sooo much better!!
    Please put it back on soon !!

  15. This is my favorite show it is real the way life should be or was .it show and teaches hard work becomes complishmemt. Will be heart broke if there is no season 11

  16. I love the show…… the other reality shows are left far behind as far as family connections & working for a living..
    The shows that bare all or most anyway are ridiculous, who wants to see those things in their living room…come on !
    Give us more family oriented shows.
    Please renew for more seasons…

  17. This has been a grand show that my husband and I enjoy watching together as couple. We start talking more than usually and he sometimes don’t like the programs I watch. So, thank you very much. Plus, it back to my country roots when I watch the show.

    Also we the songs on the show and Jewel’s music.

  18. Why is it always the good shows that get canceled. Thanks Discovery Channel you always do this to us . You get us hooked on a show and then you cancel it like you done on the Last Alaskan’s and the show Appalachian outlaws and the other Alaska show that was about the people in Tanana and the show that was filmed in Mccarthy , Alaska . So Thanks Discovery Channel

  19. My husband and me love to watch Alaskan Last Frontier, We always look forward to the day they come on. We love the whole family they are like part of our family.

  20. I’m Andy waiting to hear the release date. Discovery, please renew this fine family. I’m too old now to go to Alaska, but what a beautiful way to live. The lower 48 isn’t a great place to raise a family. Judie’s tobThe Kilcher’s for carrying on their family legacy. We absolutely love all of you. Miss the show❣️☝️✝️

    • Anything that’s good on Discovery they remove. What’s up with that?? Do they want us to stop watching Discovery channel. So many good shows have been canceled 😞

    • Rich people using all the big equipment tearing up the land. Thousands of gallons of gasoline!!!!!!! Do you know the town keeps serving them with papers? Building illegal buildings and houses when they’re not supposed to be doing that. They are ruining the land ask the town. They really don’t live like that they’re very very wealthy people! That’s fake and that is an insult to the real hard-working off-grid people in Alaska.

  21. A fake exzarrated off griders. It’s a shame and an insult to the real hard off grid people. Why would they want this fake show??? when we could have had The Last Alaskans…?… it’s a shame and I’m sure they could use the money. Shame on Discivery channel. I must say Life Below Zero is pretty awesone!!!! The So called,Alaska The Last Frontier they use up so much GASOLINE IN ONE EPISODE ITS MINDBBOLDGIN THAT NO ONE NOTICES!?!?!?!?!?!? They are a joke big riggs
    and all.

  22. Love this show, got my whole family going back rewatching seasons. So refreshing to see a show that 5 secs before a commercial break there isnt drama music and a cut off. Its about showing what the grind is about and what can be accomplished if you work as a cohesive unit. So many lives with so many moving parts with one common denominator, respecting the land, family values, loving thy neighbor. Awesome shoe~ Boston,MA

  23. Please allow the Kilcher Family to again grace our TV screen..
    We love all of their stories and stuff..

  24. Love this reality show. Hope it comes back for season 11. My husband and I look forward to it. Great family! Love them all as if I know them.

  25. My favourite show and I record it everyday. I can’t wait to watch everyday and it is the best reality show on TV, and the only reality show that I watch. I love the Kilcher family. Everyone should watch this show as it can teach us so many valuable things in life in what makes a family the most important unit in our society.

  26. Please renew Alaska the Last Frontier..we love this show and The Kilcher Family are an inspiration to many..young and old alike!!Season 11 is anticipated with many other seasons to follow!!!

  27. oh you really need to bring this show back on for new season !! Its good clean entertainment. Would be such a loss for a good wholesome show like this not to be on. Please!!!!

  28. My husband and I love this show. It would be a really sad day if it does not come back. Please bring it back.

  29. They seem to take all the good shows off we miss the last Alaskan to they put junk like monster fish or shark week or some gills guy

  30. My wife Marcella, myself, my best friend Curtis Webb and his wife Connie love the show so much went and stayed at the Kilcher’s log cabin AIRB&B on their property on May 31 2021. It was awesome, we got to meet a few of them, wonderful people. Highly recommended. Please continue with this show, it’s awesome.

  31. Please don’t cut this family show. I’ve watched the Kilchers since the beginning. My grands watch with me. We have great conversations during and after each episode. It’s so much more ethical than most the other trash on TV at every level. My best kudos to the Kilcher family come from my 11&13 yr old Grands. The ask me when the new one is coming.

  32. Please don’t cut this family show. I’ve watched the Kilchers since the beginning. My grands watch with me. We have great conversations during and after each episode. It’s so much more ethical than most the other trash on TV at every level. My best kudos to the Kilcher family come from my 11&13 yr old Grands. The ask me when the new one is coming.

  33. Please renew Alaska: The Last Frontier it’s one of my favorite TV shows to watch. It’s so informative and shows great ideas on how to make nothing into something! Please Please renew the next season 🥲🙏🙏🙏

  34. Please return Alaska the Last Frontier as soon as possible. It is one of your better shows.
    We could to without Necked and Afraid and substitute more nature, educational based

  35. I think they should have Shane and his wife permanently on the show. They are family despite the bad experiences they endured. I hope that they will be in Season 11 more often.

  36. Come on. We need to hunt enough food for winter, even though we have a Safeway 11 km away in Homer. This is life on the ranch, not life in the wilderness. Mildly entertaining though.

  37. Love the show been watching since it started. Notice it wasn’t on this week and it’s not on next week either what’s going on with the show?

  38. Love the show, I’ve been watching since the beginning. I noticed that it wasn’t on yesterday and it is not on next week. Does anyone know what going on?

  39. I am confused about season 11 of last frontier what’s up with showing a few episodes and leaving us high and dry with nothing?I want my frontier family back on..please bring them back…

  40. Why have we seen the first 6 episodes of season 11 Alaska The Last Frontier and then it stopped. I know a few people who are waiting.
    Are they going to put it on discovery soon.

  41. Just checked again to see if Alaska the Last Frontier has been renewed yet.Have watched the Kilcher’s from the beginning and sure hope to see that it’s been renewed for another season. It’s such a good program.Really enjoy watching.Enjoyed learning about the Stoked bee company,the honey is amazing.

  42. I love the show. I have really missed it this year. Please bring season 13 back. They have become a big part of my life since I lost my husband in 2011.


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