ShowsABC Orders Season 1 of The Golden Bachelorette Series

ABC Orders Season 1 of The Golden Bachelorette Series

Hey, Bachelor Nation folks! Brace yourselves. We’re about to meet the very first *Golden Bachelorette*.

Remember how *The Golden Bachelor* took us by storm last fall? Well, ABC didn’t miss a beat. They’ve green-lit *The Golden Bachelorette* for this fall, as per TVLine. Who’s it gonna be? We’ll find out who’s casting soon. But here’s the scoop: she’ll be over 60, shining bright, and ready for another shot at love. Sounds like a heartwarming twist, right?

*The Golden Bachelor* was something else, wasn’t it? Gerry Turner, 71, a widower, dove back into the dating pool. The ladies? All 60-plus. It debuted in September and, guess what? It was a hit! Over 13.9 million folks tuned in within a month, counting both live and streamed views.

Then came the finale. Oh, it was a doozy. Gerry had to choose between Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. It was tense, folks. Leslie’s confrontation with Gerry? In front of everyone? Awkward doesn’t even cut it. But in the end, Gerry and Theresa tied the knot in *The Golden Wedding*, live on ABC.

So, who’s your dream *Golden Bachelorette*? Got any names in mind? Drop your thoughts below. Let’s chat about it.

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