NewsZachary Levi Clarifies Strike Joke Controversy with Full Statement

Zachary Levi Clarifies Strike Joke Controversy with Full Statement

– Zachary Levi addresses online critics about “tone deaf” COVID-19 joke
– Levi offers a full explanation of the joke and its original intention
– Actor discusses his recent experience of overcoming COVID-19

Zachary Levi recently came under fire for making a joke which some people on social media deemed “tone deaf” in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the backlash, the “Shazam!” star decided to explain the joke’s original intention in a lengthy statement.

Levi posted a tweet that was criticized for insensitivity towards those affected by the deadly virus, which led him to remove the tweet and apologize. However, he felt the need to provide further context behind his joke, stating that he was trying to share a “juxtaposition” about television actors faking strikes, comparing it to what the world has experienced during the pandemic.

He wrote in his statement, “For clarity, I had just beat COVID, and without wanting to upset anyone further, was feeling grateful for being relatively unscathed by it given how many have not been so lucky.” Levi added that his tweet was an attempt to “shine light through humor and make folks laugh,” further explaining that he never meant any harm, as he too suffered from the virus and understood the gravity of the situation.

The 41-year-old actor described the pressure he felt to post something that would not hurt or disappoint people, clarifying that his intentions were pure. He also expressed his frustration with the “woke/cancel culture” that he believes “twists intent and maligns character,” adding that it sometimes seems impossible to not offend someone in today’s world.

In conclusion, Levi expressed gratitude for those who understood his intentions and urged his fans to have love and empathy for one another, stating: “The more we talk, share, and learn about one another, the more bridges we can build.” He also hinted at a desire for forgiveness from those who were upset by his joke, promising to learn from this experience and continue to grow.

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