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March Madness is here. That means your go-to CBS show might be on a little break.

Starting March 21, shows like “Young Sheldon,” “Ghosts,” and “So Help Me Todd” are getting sidelined. It’s all for the college basketball frenzy.

By March 22, “S.W.A.T.,” “Fire Country,” and “Blue Bloods” are also hitting pause.

But hey, not all is lost. CBS’s lineup for Monday through Sunday, including hits like “The Neighborhood” and “CSI: Vegas,” isn’t changing. They’re safe from the basketball takeover.

Wondering when you can catch up with your favorite shows again? Don’t worry. We’ve got the scoop on return dates for several CBS hits.

“YOUNG SHELDON” is back on April 4. The episode, titled “Baptists, Catholics and an Attempted Drowning,” dives into wedding drama. Georgie and Mandy’s plans cause a family rift, with baby CeeCee in the middle.

Next up, “GHOSTS” returns the same day. In “Hello, Brother,” Trevor’s sibling finds a sneaky way to stay at Woodstone, thanks to a rewards loophole.

“Elsbeth” also makes a comeback on April 4. The episode “A Classic New York Character” features a high-stakes investigation into a suspicious death. And the drama doesn’t stop there. The following episode, “Reality Shock,” airs right after, delving into a reality TV star’s mysterious death.

“S.W.A.T.” is back on April 5. The team is on a manhunt after a robbery goes wrong, leading to a shocking shooting.

“Fire Country” fans, mark April 5 on your calendars. The crew faces a fire tornado, putting lives at risk.

“BLUE BLOODS” also returns on April 5, though details on the episode are scarce.

Lastly, “SO HELP ME TODD” is back on April 11. Margaret and Todd take on a high-profile case, defending an international opera star.

There you have it. A mix of drama, action, and mystery awaits as your favorite shows return from their March Madness break.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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