News"Winning Time" Series Finale: Alternate Ending Explained, HBO Show Cancelled

“Winning Time” Series Finale: Alternate Ending Explained, HBO Show Cancelled

– “Winning Time” series finale had multiple endings planned
– The chosen ending celebrated the Lakers’ epic championship win
– The decision to keep the show going was only recently settled

In an interview, creator and executive producer of “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty,” Adam McKay, revealed that there were multiple endings planned for the show’s finale, but the decision to continue the story was only recently made. The series, which premiered on HBO on March 6, 2022, focuses on the professional and personal lives of the players, coaches, and executives who built the famously successful basketball team.

McKay stated that one alternate ending planned for the series had the story wrapping up with the Lakers winning their first championship after the arrival of Magic Johnson in 1979. “There was a version where Magic gets up on the basket, and it’s a triumphant moment, and it’s the classic American story of victory, of winning,” he said.

However, another ending option would have seen the series canceled, leaving the story unfinished. It was only after the decision to keep the show going that the other versions of the finale were considered. “I’m glad that they [HBO] hadn’t pulled the plug on it, because there were times when we thought they might have, and then about three months ago, all of a sudden, we found out they didn’t,” McKay shared with excitement.

An important aspect of the series is how it touches on all aspects of the Lakers’ journey, from the rise of the basketball team to their personal struggles and relationships. This allowed for the show to explore various possible endings for the characters and create a deeper connection with the audience. As McKay noted, “You really realize how many lives this fine-spun web has passed through, and you just get deeper and deeper.”

With the continuation of the series, the audience can expect to follow the Lakers’ journey as they establish themselves as one of the most successful franchises in sports history. After all, the story of the Lakers Dynasty is far from over.

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