Why Do We Watch Our Favorite Shows Over and Over Again?

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Just a few weeks back, I came home from work totally famished. I could’ve eaten a horse at that moment. Luckily, I didn’t have to make my food and had already ordered the pizza before arriving. Got all freshened up, and sat on the sofa to devour the food, only thing left to do was to turn on the TV and watch something while I ate. 

You can call me an iPad kid, no worries. 

How hungry was I? I almost forgot at that moment when I began scrolling through the titles and finding something to watch. What felt like hours, but were mere 10 minutes turned to waste when I went back to “Continue Watching” and began watching The Big Bang Theory. Oh, my guilty pleasure. 

I have lost count as to how many times I have watched a show on repeat! 

Am I bored? Yes! Let’s watch The Big Bang Theory!

Am I working on a presentation? That means we can continue playing The Big Bang Theory in the background!

Do I feel sad? Let me just watch this show and I will be fine.

And that is how my time goes by… 

Getting back to the day when I could’ve eaten a horse, as I was that starved – I still needed to watch my comfort show with that. In that moment, (of course, as I ate) a thought occurred to me. 

Why do I watch the same show this much? Why do I keep turning back to this show for comfort, and a couple more every time?  Why does anyone?

That is when began the quest for the answer. 

And we did get some rewarding answers. I skimmed through heaps of research and also asked some people in my circle. 

However, there was a key takeaway that I would like to mention beforehand. It has to do with their experience while streaming. The reason that they enjoyed it was due to the ease of streaming, and one thing remained common among them all. 

A good internet connection. They all recommended only one. (and I agree). It was Optimum Internet. The provider has amazing speeds with unlimited data and the added perk of pagar bill Optimum por teléfono was something we all benefited from! So, you can imagine how we don’t worry about poor streaming times. It makes the entire time more peaceful and enjoyable in fact. 

Now, it is time to share the reasons with you why we keep returning to the same old content we have already watched. 

  • It Is An Escape from Reality

Look, we found comfort in these shows for a reason. They helped us escape reality at some point, and so have become engrained in our brains. 

So, every time, in any minor inconvenience, you ever turn to watch a show, you just want to forget about the stress of daily work. These shows offer ease and comfort to our minds. 

  • We Love the Characters

The long-running shows are often that become our comfort watch. 

The characters start feeling like a part of our lives and we relate to them. Even now if we start a new show, by the end of it, we have forged a deep association with a particular character and that is what keeps on bringing us back. 

  • They Keep Us at Ease

The main reason, I admit, I like to watch the shows over again is that it keeps my anxiety at bay. 

The moment I find something new, it is a new journey of walking through the plot. The unease of what is about to happen? How will it end? Ah, it’s a long list. 

This is where watching the shows over and over again, keeps us at ease. We know what will happen. There is nothing unpredictable that can happen anymore. 

  • It Is Easy to Follow Through

Now it is mostly that you are doing something alongside while the show plays on. It doesn’t require complete attention. You know what is going on. You have probably memorized the dialogues by now. 

Overall, it just becomes easier to follow through. You can keep up with it while doing whatever you need to do. All while, having a familiar thing playing in the background. 

Wrapping Up

Covering it up, it was quite simple to understand why we keep watching the same show, or movie over and over. There is nothing wrong with it as it keeps us in comfort, and calm. However, another underlying issue that I did identify was it is often people with a certain level of anxiety that mostly engage in this act. 

Regardless, it is harmless, and fun for the most part. In the end, it is about whatever keeps you happy!

Derek Knightly
Derek Knightly
Co-creator of the website Tonights.TV. Who lives and breathes the world of movies and television.


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