NewsWhat Can We Expect from the Hello Tomorrow! Series?

What Can We Expect from the Hello Tomorrow! Series?

What Can We Expect from the Hello Tomorrow! Series?
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One of the new series to be launched by Apple TV+, ‘Hello Tomorrow!’ is described as having a retro-future style. Could it be the next big hit on this streaming service by dipping into a couple of the themes that are currently extremely popular? 

The Basic Details

This series was created by Amit Bhalla and Lucas Jansen. It’s set in the US in the 1950s and stars Billy Crudup as Jack, who is a traveling salesman that sells property for a suburban condo on the moon. As part of this job, he has to try and convince his potential customers about the possibilities of living a better future.

Yet, early in the season, we see that while Jack is a terrific salesman who really believes in the bright future he sells, he’s struggling to come to terms with issues in his own life. At the time of writing, the first three episodes have given us a glimpse of what this series will bring, and that it will probably be darker as Jack’s optimism starts to fade.

The Popularity of Retro and Sci-Fi

The setting for this series immediately grabs our attention, as it’s set in a sort of alternative reality 1950s. While the clothes and the architecture look how we’d expect from this decade, there are hover cars, robots that serve food, and floating briefcases. This approach lets Hello Tomorrow! use both the retro and sci-fi themes that are currently so popular.

In the real world, retro style is big news and this can be seen in new products like the 2023 Ford Bronco and Ford GT, which use classic styling from the past, while modern kitchen appliances that seem to have come directly from the 50s or 60s are also in fashion. Retro games are also popular now, partly thanks to consoles like the Evercade VS and the Amiga A500 Mini. The same style is found in many casino games, with BonusFinder showing us where to go next to get to the Hard Rock online casino welcome offer. This gaming site has throwback titles such as Triple Jackpot Gems and Classic Blackjack listed alongside more modern-looking games.

Sci-fi has also been popular in recent times and 2023 will bring us new titles like 65, Rebel Moon, and Infinity Pool. This is a wide-ranging genre that has become increasingly diversified as movies, TV, and game creators have used the latest technology to bring their visions to life. The merging of retro and science fiction in Hello Tomorrow! feels like a fresh twist that opens up an interesting new world on the screen for us to enjoy.    

Will It Be a Success?

The early signs are that Hello Tomorrow! is probably going to attract good audience figures. Reviews have been positive so far but while the focus so far has been on the clever setting, its success probably depends upon the personal story behind it. Many people have pointed out that it seems to be building to a clever situation where Jack’s ability to sell the dream of a better future clashes with a bitter personal life that he seems to be trying to hide from. 

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