NewsWGA Strike Update: AMPTP Studios' Counteroffer Revealed

WGA Strike Update: AMPTP Studios’ Counteroffer Revealed

  • WGA Strike Update: AMPTP Studios counteroffer revealed
  • The proposed counteroffer addresses concerns about streaming residuals and “span” practice
  • Writers Guild of America’s ongoing labor negotiations with Hollywood studios

The Writers Guild of America’s ongoing labor negotiations with Hollywood studios have reached a critical point, as the studios have now presented a counteroffer. This information was originally reported by a website covering television industry news, which revealed that the proposal aims to address two main concerns raised by the WGA—streaming residuals and the “span” practice.

The issue regarding streaming residuals stems from the shift in recent years, where most TV shows are released directly on streaming platforms rather than traditional networks. Writers are demanding higher residuals for their work on streaming series, as they receive smaller payments compared to those working on network TV shows. The counteroffer aims to remedy that by increasing the fees studios pay to writers working on streaming content.

The “span” practice has been controversial and heavily debated. It refers to the amount of time writers are paid for while working on a specific project, regardless of actual hours spent working on it. This means that some writers may be paid for less time than they actually work on a project, which can hurt their overall earnings. The proposed counteroffer recognizes the need to address this unfair practice and offers to rectify it.

Furthermore, the counteroffer includes provisions to implement a more transparent standard for determining the “span,” making it more fair for all parties involved. While the proposal’s specifics have not been released to the public yet, it is expected to have an impact on the ongoing labor negotiations.

The labor dispute also encompasses other financial and labor concerns, including the desire for better pay, healthcare, and pension benefits. Despite the ongoing negotiations and tensions, both the Writers Guild of America and the studios have expressed hope that an agreement can be reached before any potential strike occurs. With the recent revelation of the counteroffer addressing these key concerns, it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to satisfy the writers and avoid a work stoppage in the industry.

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