NewsWarrior Nun movie trilogy saved and renewed by Netflix

Warrior Nun movie trilogy saved and renewed by Netflix

– ‘Warrior Nun’ was saved by Netflix and reimagined as a series
– Originally conceived as a film trilogy, Netflix chose to redesign it into a TV show format
– Simon Barry, the series’ creator, discusses the challenges and excitement of adapting the concept into a series format

Netflix rescued the show “Warrior Nun” when the original plan of a movie trilogy came to a halt. Creator Simon Barry faced multiple challenges when transforming the concept, based on Ben Dunn’s comic book series “Warrior Nun Areala,” into the TV show format.

Barry explained that the original creators of the property intended a “Goonies-Meets-Constantine” set of films. However, the idea of a trilogy posed issues related to character arc expansion and financial aspects when it came to both the comic property and the movie. As a result, the project was stalled for about two years before Netflix took over.

Upon acquiring the concept, Netflix reimagined Warrior Nun as a series rather than a set of movies. Barry notes that reshaping the content proved to be a challenge, but it was also an exciting opportunity that allowed them to go deeper into the stories and characters. He explains that converting the project into a series allowed the team to explore the comic book’s characters, worlds, and mythos more thoroughly, and “saving and servicing those core ideas.”

The decision to switch to a TV show format allowed the creator to plan out a roadmap for not only one season but possibly multiple seasons, giving them ample room for plot, character development, and world-building.

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