NewsVirgin River Season 5 introduces gay characters on Netflix, featuring Ava

Virgin River Season 5 introduces gay characters on Netflix, featuring Ava

  • Virgin River’s season 5 scripts include two newly introduced gay characters.
  • Executive producer, Roma Roth, wants to use this change to encourage gay couples to move into rural areas.
  • According to Roth, discussions are ongoing regarding the characters’ script editorial sensitivities and how to avoid stereotypical portrayals.

The popular Netflix drama series Virgin River is including gay characters in its Season 5 scripts, aiming to positively influence rural-based gay couples. According to Executive Producer Roma Roth, two openly gay individuals will be introduced by the show in its upcoming episodes.

Roth believes that Virgin River can help drive change and encourage members of the LGBTQ+ community to settle in rural towns more comfortably. She said, “I am hopeful that including these characters will move the needle and make a difference — even if it is just making one gay couple pack up and move to the country.”

The producers want to avoid stereotypes in the portrayal of these characters. Roth has admittedly expressed nervousness about bringing the characters to life on screen. She stated, “You want to be sensitive with editorial sensitivities, and every series having LGBTQ+ characters right now in the zeitgeist doesn’t make it any easier.” The executive producer also explained that the writers room, consisting of varying ages and perspectives, has spent time discussing how to approach these characters with care.

These new additions to the Virgin River cast signify a continued push toward inclusivity and proper representation of the LGBTQ+ community on television. This heartfelt intention and careful consideration behind their inclusion may very well bring about positive change and empower the LGBTQ+ community in rural areas.

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