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Video Game TV Adaptations

With the increase of online casinos, gaming and Esports, it was only a matter of time before the backstories surrounding some games crossed over to a mainstream audience. This has happened on a regular basis, but increasingly so. Overall, they’ve received a positive reaction. Here we look at some video game adaptations, past, and present.

Mortal Kombat

The first Mortal Kombat movie was released in 1995, with a sequel in 1997, both of which were subject to fairly negative reviews. The story centers on three martial artists picked by Lord Raiden to compete in a tournament to decide the fate of the world. Then came a much-anticipated reboot in 2021, which faired a bit better. This time, hounded by Sub-Zero, MMA fighter Cole Young finds himself training with experienced fighters to take on enemies from the Outworld to save the universe.

Mortal Kombat 9, Scorpion by SobControllers (CC BY 2.0)

All based on the popular video game of the same name in which players were able to select characters, learn a five-button control scheme, and use finishing moves known as ‘fatalities’. The Mortal Kombat video games were always well received, although their success could not quite transcend over to the big screen. Die-hard fans tend to love the movies, but they weren’t for everyone. Nevertheless, the latest Mortal Kombat reboot cost $55 million to make and grossed $83.6 million, so you could say its profit made the reboot a success and may have left enough questions unanswered to warrant a sequel, as suggested in this article.


Set in the 26th century, this popular shooter franchise is a military fiction franchise, with the latest title’s – Halo Infinite – story explained in this piece. Overall, the story centers on the conflict between humanity and a variety of alien species called the Covenant. There’s an array of weapons and vehicles to help you survive by killing the enemy. The player takes on the point of view of Master Chief, a super soldier who’s trying to uncover the mystery of the Halo. Its TV adaptation didn’t receive great reviews, but since moving from Showtime to Paramount+, it’s hoped this will change.

Halo 3: Master Chief Again by Commorancy (CC BY 2.0)

Meanwhile, the game became a landmark video game, being easy enough for newbies to play, yet hard enough for veterans to enjoy. Its popularity led to a Halo Championship tournament for professional gamers to play and fans to watch.

This has led to a boom in the Esports market, with titles and markets continuing to be added. Additionally, these sites will often cover other verticals such as sports betting and online casinos. To stand out from the competition sites will offer various promotions, with welcome bonuses being especially common as a way to attract new customers as explored on this page. With sites providing information on the different offers out there, consumers can ensure they get the best value.

The Witcher

Exclusively on Netflix, this video adaptation is actually based on the books of the same name. The game itself is considered a sequel to the books and was favorably received by players around the world, which positively benefited the franchise. However, so did The Witcher: Blood Origin, which was Netflix’s prequel. It follows the story of the first Witcher’s creation. It also showed the days leading up to the Conjunction of the Spheres.

Photo by Kasun Asanka on Unsplash

The video game franchise, set in a dark fantasy world, originated in 2007 and is a series of role-playing action video games.

We’ve only just touched the surface of what is a wide genre rapidly expanding. It’s exciting to see so many games crossing over into different genres and reaching a wider audience. This can only be good for franchises that delve into various industries, such as gaming, TV, and books. The internet has helped to facilitate this, especially with Esports, meaning more can enjoy the games and understand their origins through the different media they appear in.

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