Them Season 2 Release Date and Pam Grier Joining Horror Anthology

THEM is finally here to spook us again. Prime Video dropped the bombshell: Season 2 is on its way.

Dubbed THEM: The Scare, it’s dropping all eight episodes on April 25. That’s a long wait since Season 1, huh? More than three years, to be exact.

This time, we’re jumping forward to 1991 in Los Angeles. The focus? LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve. She’s played by Deborah Ayorinde, who you might remember from Season 1.

Dawn’s on a mission. She’s investigating a horrific murder at a foster home. The city’s on edge, teetering on chaos.

The synopsis hints at something dark and sinister. As Dawn gets closer to the truth, a malevolent force grips her and her family.

Speaking of family, Dawn’s not alone. Her son Kel and her mother Athena are by her side. Joshua J. Williams and the legendary Pam Grier bring these characters to life.

The cast is pretty stellar. We’ve got musicians turned actors and even an NBA star. Luke James, Jeremy Bobb, Wayne Knight, and Iman Shumpert, to name a few.

Little Marvin, the brains behind the series, shared his vision. THEM: The Scare is a love letter to horror, LA’s history, and the ’90s.

He’s pumped about the cast. Especially Deborah Ayorinde’s return in a new role. And Pam Grier? Her return to horror is something he’s particularly excited about.

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So, there you have it. THEM is back with a new season, a new story, and a promise of more chills. Can’t wait to see what horrors await in THEM: The Scare.

Mason Messick
Mason Messick
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