NewsThe Talk's Return Premiere Date Delayed Due to Writers Strike, Statement Released

The Talk’s Return Premiere Date Delayed Due to Writers Strike, Statement Released

– ‘The Talk’ season 13 premiere date pushed back by a week
– Writers’ strike causes the delay
CBS releases an official statement addressing the issue

The highly anticipated season 13 premiere of the popular chat show ‘The Talk’ has been delayed by a week due to a strike by the show’s writers. Originally slated to premiere on September 6, 2022, the new season will now kick off on September 12.

The writers’ union, Writers Guild of America West (WGAW), is currently on strike against CBS, the network responsible for airing the show. This has inevitably stalled the production of ‘The Talk’ as well as other high-profile CBS shows.

In an official statement, CBS said, “The start of production for Season 13 of The Talk has been delayed due to an ongoing WGA action against CBS. All efforts are being made to resolve the matter as quickly as possible, and a new start date has been set for Monday, September 12.” The network further assured that it is working towards resolving the issue expediently so as not to disappoint its loyal fans.

While the delay may come as a blow to fans eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite show, the network is keen on providing a new season that lives up to their expectations. The upcoming season is expected to feature several celebrity interviews, lively discussions on trending topics, and entertainment news, maintaining the show’s reputation for engaging content.

In the meantime, fans can continue watching reruns of previous episodes or catch up on the show’s extensive library through their preferred streaming platforms. Despite the setback, the premiere of season 13 is just around the corner, and followers can look forward to enjoying the latest episodes soon.

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